My living room. The next redecorating project?

I hate this room. I have hated this room since we bought this house.  My husband loves it. I take that back....he loves the view. He likes the room....or it doesn't bother him. I don't know which one it is. We are going to re do the ceiling (those tiles have been the bane of my existence for a while- but we needed a septic, furnace and roof more than we needed a prettier ceiling)

So here is the room, as you walk in and look around.

These windows face the south. The red curtains are just temporary. 

I like the blue wall. One day that wall will be taken care...it's actually an old fireplace we closed up because it caught the house on fire many years ago. 

The ferns live inside in the winter, they are porch ferns in the spring/summer/fall. They are HUGE.

SO, I need to figure out what to do with this. I like the wood bookcase and the desk and the coffee table. The furniture is all covered because we have cats. BAD cats. I can't bring up my leather furniture from the family room because they would shred them in a matter of days. They can't seem to shred the denim though. 
I don't like the color. I dislike the carpet. I would like new curtains, and some new art. 

I need to plan.



Alana in Canada said...

Would dying the denim darker help? The couch and chair seem to big and puffy for the room: I suppose sleeker models aren't in the budget? I love the light this room gets. What do you want to use if for?

thefarmersdaughter said...

nope. no furniture since we just bought a roof. They are big and puffy, but the room is pretty large- 15 ft wide and around 19 ft long. The chair is really big.... this is our family room...so we watch tv and movies, and sit around. The boy plays legos out here. THe cats sleep in here.

Colleen said...

I agree that a solid color slipcover might help. I also think the chair and ottoman are very big in the middle of the doorway. Have you considered monotone window treatments- white shades and curtains for example? If pulling up the carpet is an option, I vote definite yes :)

thefarmersdaughter said...

I do want to move the chair. It ended up there due to the Christmas tree...and I never moved it. SO, my bad. I have to look into sofa covers etc..... they can't be fabric- the cats would shred them. I had white curtains (in the summer) for years. I think I need to figure out what color I want to paint this room first. Maybe I should try to match that....