1950's Tini Home

Here is my latest project... I got it right before the snow flew....

and I put it out here...overlooking our river. It's rough. Really....really rough. Smells like a barn inside. It's kinda gross actually. BUT.... I can fix it and make it better...and then it will be my studio...or as people like to call them now.. ."she shed" 
More later. 


Laundry room, then and now.

This was my old laundry room.  This was looking from my kitchen area through what was once an exterior door, into a shoddily constructed add on laundry/mud room / garage area. Seriously, it tilted to one side. It was tiny. (less than 12 feet deep) I tripped once and put my hand through the wall. When we demo'd this, 40 years worth of critters and ant debris made everyone want to gag. It was horrible. It is gone. 

We blew it out. this shot is looking from the (new) far back wall (and new bathroom) towards the house. Instead of maybe 12 feet, it's closer to 30 feet long now. 

I decided shiplap was the best wall finish for this area.... (this pic was taken in the laundry area towards the new bath area) 

Which I had to paint white of course 
It needed a matching floor to the rest of the house...

and a new, interior door.... 

(the number 9 behind the door was from my grandpa's gas station) 
the ceilings are low in this room (7 ft) due to the roof pitch... I got that beadboard cabinet for a steal! 

 This is the view from the laundry room to the bathroom.... 

the bathroom is my Mr. s  It's what he likes to call farmhouse industrial. It's not 100% done yet.... the shower is in, the toilet is in, both work... he just needs to attach the sink faucet and drain and hang a mirror, and do the floor trim... but he's been laid up with a shoulder injury... 

The poles hanging from the ceiling for my hangers and clothing are handicapped grab bars I got at our local habitat for humanity for a couple bucks... they work great and hold a ton.  The coat rack on the right is gone now. It didn't work out. Too big.  It's still narrow. But I had to keep my garage...so we could only take so much space....but this works. It's much better than before. 

This is the last part. It's off to the right when you enter the laundry room, and has a door out to the garage. It was wasted space before...but now it's home to my Brasilia mirror I bought for 11 dollars. It's HUGE. It's HEAVY. This is the only place it can go. Under it, is a bench we built, and under the bench is the cat litter area.... so not wasted space any longer..... 

So there is what I have right now. I would take a final picture, but I'm doing laundry...and it's real life messy...... Maybe tomorrow. 


new laundry room

new laundry room

closet ideas

closet ideas


6 freakin months...and shiplap....lots of shiplap.

I said I was back. I lied. I am sorry. Life just has a habit of sneaking away when you aren't looking. I swear the last 4 years have FLOWN right by me. I don't know what I am going to end up doing with my blogs. I might have to delete one or two of them...and just focus on my personal site. I have to consider what sort of time commitment I have for this,what I want to accomplish with this, what I want to DO.  I am spending far too much time on social media as it is.... now I know why there is a media fast week in the Apartment Therapy cure. I didn't need it before...but now I think I might. I have tablets, and computers, phones that do everything the computers do.... it's all too much. I have 500 channels of TV, every media GO app on my phone and bookmarked on my computer.  It's all become too much for me to handle.   Do I want to go back to pen and paper- NO. But there just has to be some sort of balance.... one that I have to find for myself.

The laundry room .... more pictures to come. 

In addition, my personal style has changed. We did a lot of renovations to the house in the past year. I do have a lot to document.... but do I have the time and inclination now? 

Questions. No answers. 

I need to think about this. 


It's been a year.

I'd like to say something funny and cute...but really...real life took over. I finally decided that things needed to change.....and so we started a new business, started work on remodeling our laundry room/bathrooms..... and my kid turned 12...so of course, now it's sports, guitar lessons, after school activities and sleep overs.... oh, and TRAVEL....we've put in some serious mileage so far this year..... I plan on getting back to some writing...here and other places.... I have a lot of outlets now and this sort of fell to the wayside...but no longer! It may just be one a week or so...but I plan on updating this site and using it.....at least as a sounding board for myself...... so hey, I'm back. 
Yes, that's my boy and the Stanley Cup 


Where have I been?

OUTSIDE! It went from -25 for two solid weeks to...wait for it......61 degrees yesterday! It was a solid week of over 50!   Most of the snow (except for the piles) is gone. I wore flip flops all last week....it was glorious!

But really, I've been busy with art at school....It's reading month at our school...so I did a "candyLand" style board for them (they requested it)

and my kids did some art in their classes..."what's in your jar?" They had requested something less "structured" for fun....

and then a bird silhouette...

But, I'm back now! Spring has sprung baby!!!