It's been a year.

I'd like to say something funny and cute...but really...real life took over. I finally decided that things needed to change.....and so we started a new business, started work on remodeling our laundry room/bathrooms..... and my kid turned 12...so of course, now it's sports, guitar lessons, after school activities and sleep overs.... oh, and TRAVEL....we've put in some serious mileage so far this year..... I plan on getting back to some writing...here and other places.... I have a lot of outlets now and this sort of fell to the wayside...but no longer! It may just be one a week or so...but I plan on updating this site and using it.....at least as a sounding board for myself...... so hey, I'm back. 
Yes, that's my boy and the Stanley Cup 


Where have I been?

OUTSIDE! It went from -25 for two solid weeks to...wait for it......61 degrees yesterday! It was a solid week of over 50!   Most of the snow (except for the piles) is gone. I wore flip flops all last week....it was glorious!

But really, I've been busy with art at school....It's reading month at our school...so I did a "candyLand" style board for them (they requested it)

and my kids did some art in their classes..."what's in your jar?" They had requested something less "structured" for fun....

and then a bird silhouette...

But, I'm back now! Spring has sprung baby!!! 


It was -25 degrees for 3 school days....so that meant no school.

No school. Over 230 districts closed. My car battery died. If you get anywhere near a window, door or wall you will instantly be cold.  This isn't fun.  One day our high was 1.8 degrees (-8 with windchill)   I have never known so many people with frozen pipes, drains or broken furnaces.  It gets cold here, we get a hellofa winter, but this is exceptional.

The boy finally went to school today- it's been 5 days off (3 snow days and the weekend in the middle) and boy was I ready for it. We have done everything I could think of, including just letting the kid watch movies and be on his table.

BUT, we did some art. We painted a picture. It's pretty big.... enormous really. 4 ft x 5 ft.

Here it is....

The boy is there for size comparison. 

He decided he really wanted it up. So I hung it in the living room. See the ground? That's my new rug I bought,  Now, I just need to paint the green walls a light grey/blue color and find some new summer curtains...and I am as done as I plan to be for a while. This room is getting a structural update, so I don't really want to do anything else to it for the time being. ( we are removing the blue wall, new flooring and new ceiling. But, not this summer- this summer we're redoing the laundry room)