We have a new cat.....

This is Spinx,

Our new cat. 

He showed up at our house (as abandoned cats will do) and he never left. We asked around our little village and no one fessed up to owning him. He lived outside in a hay bale palace  until two weeks ago, when it got down to -40 degrees outside. 

We took him to the vet, got his coins removed from his coin purse, and got him tested and  vaccinated . In addition, he had a infection in his face that we had fixed, and a raging case of fleas that we had exterminated. 

Now he's inside. He's a Red Point.  Very friendly (he went sledding with the boys ON the sleds), VERY VOCAL, very needy. All in all, a good boy. 

And now, we have two cats..... as here is the last stray I took in... 

They are still getting used to each other. 


Merry freakin Christmas.

I'm working on getting my life together...this past year has been.....fractured. I've been....flighty. Unfocused. I am hoping I can pull it together for 2014.....

We had a good Christmas with lots of gifts and family. The boy got a new camera (at 9 he has the same camera as I do) and he's been having fun taking pictures and videos- and exploring photo shop.

I might not get my computer back this break. 

But, that's ok. This is the time to expand his horizons. 

Merry Christmas, from the entire Farmers family. Even the cat.


My new hair... I did it.

Before- It wasn't bad...but it wasn't all that good either.

I think it's better. 4 + inches gone. I swear it's even, it's just how I was holding my head. I hate selfies...I am about the most un- photogenic person I know.  That is not fishing for compliments. It's a fact. Photos always catch me making some oddball face and I look like I have a tic. 

This doesn't suck though. I can live with this. 



I am so bad....

Really, really bad. Life kicked me in the buttocks. I let it. I can say that real life got busy...but doesn't it for everyone? Well, here goes....
We've been busy. Really, really busy. Kid, camps, antique markets, gardening, picking. You name it. But we've had fun..

We've been to museums....
 We got another outdoor kittie....

We bought some awesome mid century vintage furniture

Darth Kittie is still going strong..... 

We bought some more furniture to fix up....

There was golf camp AND basketball camp this summer.... 

There were ballgames...this is my Mr. throwing out a first ball this year..... 

We have also had 2 yard sales, all of our family come to visit....ALL of it..... and the boy and I are getting ready to go on our final vacation before school starts up again. PLUS, we still have 2 antique shows to do this season.....

I'll try to be better. I have some projects to do this year. I want to share.....


The older I get

the more real life is kicking me in the butt.

It is yet ANOTHER snow/ice day here. Yes, in April. We got about 3/4 of an inch of ice last night and then it got covered up with snow.


So, here's my update. I've been busy. Really busy. Buying and organizing our stuff so that we can set up the last weekend of this month at an antique show (and it's outside...so it better get warmer and drier soon).

We got a few things....

Vintage photos and danish modern chairs.... 

a Selig chair (that needs to be refinished) 

Mid century fabric that will be used in (very large) art piece... 

a LOT of vintage clothing

and vintage cookware.... 

In addition, the boy and I went on a road trip for Spring break... 

We went down to the Armstrong Space Museum... 

and the Auburn Cord Duesenberg  museum

The orange car is Frank Lloyd Wrights car that he loved..

I wasn't sure if the boy would love this place, but he did.This summer we're going to the  Kruse Automotive museum...  and see more cars.... 

So that's been my two AWOL weeks. I'm getting the house back in order, catching up on school and trying not to be too depressed over the spring of ice and snow.... 

More soon. Really. 


I've been doing more buying than purging right now.. Now, with UPDATE....

but it's for the upcoming show season...I swear! Anyway, I posted a few pics of my latest finds  over at my other blog Big Red Vintage . I have also acquired a lot of fabric and vintage fashion this week, and that will be posted this weekend (fingers crossed)

UPDATE- More pictures here- the clothes are up and posted!

I have to start getting ready for the first show in April, so I'm sure a lot of pictures will be posted as I start to pull stuff out and price it. Packing is my job, as I've been doing it for almost my entire life. My parents have been setting up at antique shows since I was about 8 I guess, and they put me to work!

Anyway, more pics soon, but they'll all be up over there.

Have a great weekend!


Still rudderless

                                                          And my muse has up and left.


Tomorrow we get the boys orthodontics started- it's a Hyrex

and in the center by the arrows is a hole. We, and I'm sure by we I mean me, have to insert a "key" into that hole to push it open every night. This thing makes the jaw larger so there is room for teeth. The boy has teeth coming down from his upper gum line.  Honestly, it's gross. I didn't want to spend 3800 dollars on phase one of this, but, I also don't want my kid looking like a circus freak either. 

I've been going through tubs and boxes and more tubs. We have a basement full of stuff for our antique shows (we have the first one the first weekend in April) and I have quite a few tubs outside in the garage for our first garage sale in June already. In addition, I'm taking in a lot to the charity shop tomorrow, so, there's always that I guess. 

I can't wait for spring. 


Taking stock in my life

Since the first of the year, I've been taking stock of my life. Of our family. Of our stuff. It's taken a while (as you can tell since I haven't posted much) but I have come up with some insights.

1. I am tired of having so much freakin stuff. Tons of stuff. Tons of everything. I am not a hoarder. Don't get that impression. But, I have a lot of stuff.  And, I am letting it go. This isn't a lot of wal mart stuff. This is antiques, mid century pieces, vintage stuff..... I signed a contract to set up at an antique show this summer. 6 shows. It's a lot, but we're in this as a family.  I hope to move an awful lot of product this summer, and quite a few pieces of furniture.

2. I hope to acquire a lot less stuff in the future. Now, I'm not becoming a minimalist  or anything. I just don't think that I need 22 pair of jeans or 53 handbags. And I know that my kid doesn't need 67 t shirts. I also need to stop collecting sets of curtains and drapery. I used to be pretty proud of the fact I had some really nice pieces, but not too much of them. Now, I find that I have too much. Of almost everything. I am learning to say no.

3. For the items that aren't antique  show worthy, I'm having at least 2 yard sales this summer.  We have just got to move this stuff on.

4. I'm staying closer to home this summer. Road trip? Probably, but not so long away from the Mr. The boy and I are going to go to the beach more often, ride bikes, do some work in the yard and hang out.

They'll be more later I'm sure, once I've had more time to plan this out.......because I'm nothing without a plan. Or, at the very minimum,  a nice outline.



Bad lip readings

It's the first 31 seconds that get me......


Harlem Shake....

I love our University's version.



I've had to take an unplanned break. We all got the creeping crud, and my Uncle (the one I'm named after) is dying. Real life just intrudes sometimes...and although I have a tablet, I'm not good enough with it to post stuff on the fly. BONUS- we're digging out from a foot of snow that fell last night.

BUT- we are signing the contracts to set up at a new antique show this summer - I'm setting up my Etsy shop again, AND I'm drawing and sketching again- I want to start making my dolls soon.

Sorry. Maybe next week will get better. It's all I can do now to just keep the house reasonably clean, the laundry done and the family fed......


walkin in a winter wonderland.....

It's been a strange winter up here. First, we barely have any snow. Maybe 2 inches? We should be thigh deep right now and it doesn't cover my shoe. Second, until yesterday it's been rather warm....in the 30's. But last night that all changed. Today our high is 3F. That's the actual temperature. Wind chill gets us to about -20F.  No matter where you are from  that , my friends, is damn cold.

To the north and the south they got hammered with lake effect snow last night, but we didn't. Snow, when it's this cold, is just tiny wispy little flakes of nothing, but it can blow so bad that even a tiny amount can cause a white out. Our roads are just covered in ice. It makes cars big sleds.

I've had a mouse move into my house- it happens when it gets this cold outside...... That little bastard sprung the trap we set for him last night, and my poor excuse for a cat isn't hunting him like she should be. My son said we should stop feeding the cat and than maybe she would catch it and eat it. I asked him how he would feel if I stopped  feeding him and  then expected  him to go catch and eat the mouse. He didn't like that idea, so tonight we all go hunting full force!

Micky the ripper must be stopped!


Every day, every week

This was written on last Monday..... before my entire family came down with the stomach virus going around. ALL OF US. At the SAME TIME. Think about that. It has been an utterly disgusting and repulsive week. 
Today was the first day back for us in the real, living world. I'm just playing catch up...

Here is Monday's post  in all it's Glory. 

I try very hard not to to much, housework or cleaning over the weekend.
Why?  It's when my husband is off work. We tend to do "projects' on these days when we're not out. I do dishes (or the Mr. does) and a load of laundry every day. The Mr. does usually run a vacuum in the living room....but that's about it.  I save my "cleaning and organizing" to the weekdays- it's sort of my job so I try to get it done during the day........

Every day I try to do one big thing AND the dishes and the laundry. We have a septic system and I don't like to do more than one load of laundry a day, so that sorta means I have to do one load EVERY day.  It is always amazing to me how much dirty laundry a family of three actually makes.
Anyway, this is my weekly/daily list....

Monday- I grocery shop, clean the fridge, the pantry and the kitchen. It's usually kind of a mess after the weekends anyway...

Tuesday. I vacuum the house or sweep, and I dust. I also try to make sure that the walls are clean of smegma and the switch plates are clean. This is when I look at baseboards.....I often don't do anything about them, but I look at them all the same.

Wednesday. is bathroom day. Yippie. We have a one full bath and one half bath. Toilets, sinks and shower. The floors too. 2 boys though, mean that I actually clean the bathroom daily, and use Wed. as it's "deep" cleaning day. I'm adding the linen closet on this day in the future. It's a mess......

Thursday- Bedrooms. Pull the sheets and clean the rooms (2) I usually put away the weeks laundry now. I try to dust too, it gets incredibly dusty in that room and I don't know why.....

Friday. Cleaning the living/dining rooms. Dust, cobwebs, put toys and stuff away, water the plants, vacuum if needed.

I am not a slave to housework and often my house isn't spotless. Often, really. But, it's cleaner than most.

Due to the barfing boy (he got sick Saturday) , I didn't get to the store  (not a biggie) and I had to clean the pantry on Sunday due to that greedy mouse. I did laundry today, dishes, cleaned the kitchen floor, organized the fridge, and did two loads of laundry. I am getting up in a few minutes to sweep the dining room.....I'm also cleaning up the dining room today since we were working on a project in there, it's horrible.......  Tomorrow, I'll go to the grocery store and strip off the linens of the beds (yes, early- but if barfing boy is well, I want to get those nasty sheets off that bed asap) .

See, I don't live by hard and fast arbitrary rules. If I want or need to change my schedule I am not OCD and so I can.  I do what works FOR me. I work the plan, the plan doesn't work me.  This way, I can go shopping or take my car in for an oil change and it doesn't "set me back" or "put me behind'.

Except of course, when you spend 4 days puking up your guts and listening to the rest of your family do the same....at least now the bathrooms are spotless and the bedlinens are changed . Again.  


Real life kickin me in the butt

I would have had a post this weekend...and my organizational week 3 (Kitchen pantry and shopping lists) posted on page...if my son had not gotten sick. And by sick I mean puking. He's getting better now, although  still at home and not at school.....but  I might get to things other than laundry today if it keeps up. I can only hope....

 In addition, while looking for electrolyte solution for the barfing boy,  I discovered I have had a mouse in my pantry.(every year about this time when it gets COLD we get a mouse or two....we live in the country and there are a lot of mice out here) Probably just one mouse came in to live....and VERY recently, as I know that the particular item he chewed (raisin container) was perfectly intact the day before...... I had to remove EVERYTHING from the pantry, wash it and disinfect the entire room. Now, it's the cats turn to earn her keep.

The whole house smells like bleach and Lysol. It's not a particularly pleasant smell.


I get pissy this time of year

Everyone, myself included, writes about cleaning and organizing in January.  I can't tell you how many articles, posts and "helpful" hints I have read this week alone.  Most of them just make me pissy, or flat out mad.

I write about organizing every once in a while because I used to teach organization for Franklin Covey and I have to have something to write about. That said, I hope that I don't come across all holier than thou like some posts I've currently read. I want everyone reading to know right now that I am telling you what I do. It might or might not work for you. I think that everyone should do what they want to do (except hoarders....those who hoard need more help than anyone online can give them- they need a professional).  I HATE arbitrary "rules" about cleaning and organizing.  Some of my biggest pet peeves....

1. "One in one out" That is crap. Bring in what you want, and get rid of what you don't. I might find a great purse one day....and all of my other clothes are great too. I'm not getting rid of anything I want, like or love due to some arbitrary rule that makes little sense but makes people feel like they are doing something good when they spout it out.

2. "If you don't wear it in a year, get rid of it" NO. In some cases that might be the case, but I want everyone to really look at every single piece of clothing and decide on it's own merits if it stays or goes....not that you just haven't worn it. Maybe you didn't have the correct undergarments for it. Maybe you left a job and don't need suits right now...but you might in the future. If clothing fits, it's in style, it fits you and you like (or love) it than keep it if YOU want. Don't make up some rule based on a random time frame.

3. "Just buy what you actually need" That SOUNDS great. I mean, it really does sound great. But in reality? NO. Some of my favorite pieces, that I wear all the time, I don't really "need" but I do love them. If we really just bought what we needed, we would wear uniforms and how much fun is that? NONE.  I "need" two pair of pants, two shirts, two pair of under ware, two pair of shoes and two coats (one light, one heavy). Why 2? So I can be clothed while I'm washing the other set. Not very fun is it? Again I say, buy what you love and what fits you- your body type, your style, your life.

And please, please, I hate the word "curate" more than any other word on this planet right now.  This isn't an art museum.  Don't "curate" your closet.

So here are my "rules" about cleaning and organizing my wardrobe.
1. Your clothes must fit your life and your lifestyle. I don't work in corporate America anymore. I don't need a closet full of suits anymore. I do need one good suit though, and some nice jackets to dress up pants. Know what you need.

2. Your clothes must fit you......now. Not 5 lbs from now, not 15 pounds ago. Now. Put them on and wear them. Ask someone you trust to tell you what you look like if you can't do it yourself.  If your clothes aren't the right size than you should get rid of them. Really.

3. Are they stylish? Not trendy, stylish. Are they cut to flatter your figure? Are the colors good for you or do they make you look like old cheese? Again, if you can't make that decision on your own, ask a trusted adult. Do YOU feel good in your clothes? I had a jacket that I wore sometimes, and I didn't pay too much attention to it, until I saw myself in a mirror in a store one day. My skin looked AWFUL. I looked grey. I looked old. I looked that way because that jacket was the wrong color for me and I never paid attention to it until it smacked me across the face. I dropped it off at Goodwill about 15 minutes later....I never even took it home.

4, You should have a well rounded wardrobe.  You should be able to put an outfit together for just about any occasion that is both appropriate and makes you feel good. Only you though, will know what that wardrobe should consist of. I can't tell you, I don't live your life. You can't tell me what should be in my closet either...unless you're hiding in my attic and I don't know it.

and the last "rule"
5. Everything you own and wear should be in good condition. No draggy hems. No popped buttons. No stains or dirt.. No split seams.  Ick.

So, to recap. Clothes should be in good condition, clean, fit you and your life and make you look good.
Simple enough right? Don't worry about how many shirts you own, worry about how they make you look and feel.

I'm getting off my soap box now.


Happy 2013- Week 1 of organizing my new year

I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday season and a safe and happy New Years. We stayed close to home this year..... spent A LOT of family time together....the Mr. goes back to school tomorrow (we don't go until the 8th) and I will miss him being home with us. It was nice to spend all this time together- as a family AND as a couple.

So, as the first week of the year is half over, I posted my first week organizational overview- Organize and put away Christmas decor 

This is the first point- Look, really look at your decor. Is it what you REALLY want- or what you have? What was given to you so you "should" keep it" Does it fit your life and style now?

I started looking with a pretty serious eye at my ornaments last year...I had a pretty serious group of Christmas decor, all red and gold with hints of bronze. Hand made, hand blown, very uptight. Serious ornaments you know. Nothing fun. Nothing funny. Serious. I realized I had collected these when I was single and working (in a serious job). It fit my life and outlook at the time. But now? Not so much. I volunteer at the elementary school 5 days a week and I'm working my vintage retail out of my house. I have an 8 year old. We have a new cat (that thankfully showed zero interest in Christmas). Is my life serious now? NO! I wanted a tree that was more laid back, safer around kids and FUN!

This year, I got rid of two boxes of Christmas Decor. You read right, 2 boxes. I still have some of my "serious" ornaments, but they are put out with the snowflakes my son make in 1st grade and a toy that was my Mothers when she was a baby , and my husbands favorite glass monkey and Darth Vader ornaments.  Amazingly, it all works together. I got rid of the fussy mantle scarves, the milk glass vase thingys that I still don't know why I had and  the" way to precious for their own good" angels.  I let my Mr. put up multi colored lights this year instead of the clear ones I had insisted upon. You know, the multi colored lights are really pretty, although I still can't deal with the blinking or chasing lights. I draw the line there.

I threw out years of old Christmas cards that I had held onto for who knows what reason. I only kept the ones from my Grandparents as they aren't with us anymore. I actually wrote down the address off the card envelopes before I threw them away so next year I have a starting point, I organized the extra boxes, gift wrap and cards we had and decided that I did not have to buy a single thing for next year.  I have plenty and didn't feel the urge to go to the store the day after Christmas and fight those crowds.

I have three large tubs of Christmas decor. These are large plastic tubs- bigger than the Rubbermaid ones. They are identical and are different than all the other tubs that I have. I know these tubs are Christmas without having to open them up AND they are labeled. They are stored along the back wall of our pump room. I won't need to open them up or move them again until next Thanksgiving.....

Tub 1 is ornaments  for both the trees
Tub 2 is lights, stockings, tree skirts, my sons very large nutcracker collection  and a vintage aluminum tree
Tub 3 is boxes, table decor, cards, wrap, books etc....

Now that the ornaments and decor is down, the trees are removed and the floor swept up of all those needles, it's time to move all the furniture back to it's original places. Good think I don't have a hangover!

Have a great day


Words fail me

As you know, I volunteer at my son's school. His elementary school. Every day for almost 4 years now.  I would be lying if I told you I didn't worry about violence like what happened yesterday in Connecticut.  You can just walk into the front door at my school. No guard. No buzz in system. No lock. The side doors are locked, but the front door? Never.  Yes, I live in a small town, but not much smaller than Newtown.

 My son still doesn't know what happened, but I have to tell him this weekend. I don't want him to find out from anyone other than my husband and me.  I don't want him to find out at all really, but that is not possible.  How could someone kill defenseless 6 year old babies?

Every day I unlock my teachers door. Every day I have to make sure that it locks from the outside without fiddling with it. In case of emergency we have to just close the door. Would we be safe? I don't know.   My room would be the second room visited. I hope that we would be fast enough to get the door closed and go on lockdown.   I hope we never have to find out if we are fast enough.  We have no where to hide in that room, no good way to escape.  I do know that every single one of those teachers (and the supporting staff) in my school would do anything and everything in their power to make sure those kids are safe.

I am so glad that today is Saturday. I wouldn't be able to send my son to school today. I might not be able to on Monday, except  that I know there will be 26 8 yr olds who want to know that they are safe.  They'll have questions. I'll have questions. I don't know if there are any answers yet.

The next time someone tells me about the right to bear arms and that guns don't kill people, people kill people I will go off on them. People do kill people, but with a gun they get to do it faster  and it's harder to fight back.  I am NOT anti gun. But I am in favor of gun laws. Restrictive gun laws. Mandatory gun training. Limits on the number of people killers that anyone can own.  Background checks that actually check.

 I don't want to talk about this anymore.

I'm going to go hug my kid.