Living room part 2

Today I moved the big old chair to the other corner.

That door goes to the back deck. The door does open (enough) with the chair in this location.  The main problem I have in the room, is that chair. It's HUGE. But it's so comfy..... but it's HUGE.   

I moved the plycraft Mr. Chair to the left, it doesn't block the door as much, there is an ottoman for that chair that isn't in this picture..... that side table is too small. I have a larger table in the garage I think. 

This is a sample of the color I am thinking of painting the room. It's called "wood smoke" it's a grey/blue color. 

I don't know;...... 


Colleen said...

I definitely like the color better than the existing khaki shade. Is that chair one big chaise or is it a chair and ottoman? Is there any way to position it under the window? A taller side table would help and I love that plycraft chair!

What color are the couches under the slipcovers?

thefarmersdaughter said...

colleen- nice to hear from you! I hope you are well!! The sofa is a tan with huge leaves. It's not my style at all. Very comfy though. The chair / ottoman combo is green. The cats would destroy it if not covered though. The khaki green was chosen to go with the furniture, which is now covered up...so yea! New color!! I"m going to try to find a new table this weekend, and I'll try to move the chair to see!!