I have trouble getting rid of some things......

As I have documented this purge cycle, I have come to some realizations regarding what I have problems with discarding.  It's been a very eye opening process for me, and it's gone slower than I had originally planned, because I'm trying to figure out WHY we have some items-large amounts of items, not just get rid of them. I want to try to stop the cycle.

These are the things I have issues with discarding, in no apparent order:

Bins or totes. The material that they are made of doesn't seem to matter. If it holds something, I don't want to get rid of it.

Paper items and writing instruments....  I have every notebook I've ever purchased I think. Written in or not. Stephen King wouldn't be able to fill the notebooks I have on hand.

Curtains/bedding/fabric.   I just stack these up to high heaven.  I think that if I get rid of one of my 9 freaking shower curtains, I will suddenly need that one. I have ONE shower.  I have almost 100 curtain panels and 12 windows that I put curtains on. I bet we have 50 pillowcases. I have a "fabric room"  This is my weakness.

Screws. I bet I have a lifetime supply of screws in my paint closet. I don't use screws. My husband does, but he doesn't use MY screws.   I threw away a small jar of them this week, so it's not like I HAVE to keep them, I just think they're small, I figure I might need them, and then I forget about them.

Art supplies. I might need them later. I might decided to suddenly be crafty again. You just never know. I did get rid of quite a few of my paintings that I didn't like last purge cycle, so this might be changing...... but I also have about 10 boxes of doll making supplies, and I haven't made a doll in 4 years....so maybe not.

These are my 5 areas of weakness. I can toss a coffee cup, or a waffle maker, or heck, a bookcase, easier than I can with a pen (now, not the bic kind if it's dead- I am not a crazy hoarder) . This is what I need to address.

I need to get rid of the excess, and to realize I don't need to buy more of the same things.

That is my goal of 2015.


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