Still rudderless

                                                          And my muse has up and left.


Tomorrow we get the boys orthodontics started- it's a Hyrex

and in the center by the arrows is a hole. We, and I'm sure by we I mean me, have to insert a "key" into that hole to push it open every night. This thing makes the jaw larger so there is room for teeth. The boy has teeth coming down from his upper gum line.  Honestly, it's gross. I didn't want to spend 3800 dollars on phase one of this, but, I also don't want my kid looking like a circus freak either. 

I've been going through tubs and boxes and more tubs. We have a basement full of stuff for our antique shows (we have the first one the first weekend in April) and I have quite a few tubs outside in the garage for our first garage sale in June already. In addition, I'm taking in a lot to the charity shop tomorrow, so, there's always that I guess. 

I can't wait for spring. 


Alana in Canada said...

Oh--you andyour boy are very brave. Hang in there.

thefarmersdaughter said...

Thanks. He was a TROOPER yesterday.... I was so proud of him.

It's snowing again- hard. Ice on the bottom of it....so I'm off to organize the linen closet!

Beth Stilborn said...

Wow, that orthodontic thingie looks scary. Good for both of you for coping with it!

I am SO ready for spring.

I haven't been around much, and I apologize. I'm very busy with my writing, and with my writing blog at http://www.bethstilborn.com

I also haven't posted anything on Where There Are Meadowlarks since June, because I changed my sign in info, and now can't remember it to get into my blog! Sigh.

Just wanted to let you know why I haven't been around.


thefarmersdaughter said...

So glad to hear from you Beth, I was wondering what you were up to just a few days ago...... I hope your writing is going well for you and you are having a fantastic time!