I've been doing more buying than purging right now.. Now, with UPDATE....

but it's for the upcoming show season...I swear! Anyway, I posted a few pics of my latest finds  over at my other blog Big Red Vintage . I have also acquired a lot of fabric and vintage fashion this week, and that will be posted this weekend (fingers crossed)

UPDATE- More pictures here- the clothes are up and posted!

I have to start getting ready for the first show in April, so I'm sure a lot of pictures will be posted as I start to pull stuff out and price it. Packing is my job, as I've been doing it for almost my entire life. My parents have been setting up at antique shows since I was about 8 I guess, and they put me to work!

Anyway, more pics soon, but they'll all be up over there.

Have a great weekend!

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