Taking stock in my life

Since the first of the year, I've been taking stock of my life. Of our family. Of our stuff. It's taken a while (as you can tell since I haven't posted much) but I have come up with some insights.

1. I am tired of having so much freakin stuff. Tons of stuff. Tons of everything. I am not a hoarder. Don't get that impression. But, I have a lot of stuff.  And, I am letting it go. This isn't a lot of wal mart stuff. This is antiques, mid century pieces, vintage stuff..... I signed a contract to set up at an antique show this summer. 6 shows. It's a lot, but we're in this as a family.  I hope to move an awful lot of product this summer, and quite a few pieces of furniture.

2. I hope to acquire a lot less stuff in the future. Now, I'm not becoming a minimalist  or anything. I just don't think that I need 22 pair of jeans or 53 handbags. And I know that my kid doesn't need 67 t shirts. I also need to stop collecting sets of curtains and drapery. I used to be pretty proud of the fact I had some really nice pieces, but not too much of them. Now, I find that I have too much. Of almost everything. I am learning to say no.

3. For the items that aren't antique  show worthy, I'm having at least 2 yard sales this summer.  We have just got to move this stuff on.

4. I'm staying closer to home this summer. Road trip? Probably, but not so long away from the Mr. The boy and I are going to go to the beach more often, ride bikes, do some work in the yard and hang out.

They'll be more later I'm sure, once I've had more time to plan this out.......because I'm nothing without a plan. Or, at the very minimum,  a nice outline.



Alana in Canada said...

I am so glad. There comes a time when it's time. Keep us posted and I'll cheer you on!

thefarmersdaughter said...

Thank you! I got a good start yesterday. I went through my Tiki collection. I decided to keep 7 pieces, and put out to sell- wait for it- 5 boxes of tiki items. Plus, I've put aside one box of garage sale stuff and one bag of stuff to go to charity. It's a start huh?