A Month? Really?

I suck. Really I do. I have been up to my armpits in work.
The last antique show was today- so at least that is done for the season. But in a week or so I have to get the Etsy shop up and going for the winter- so I guess it's just a temporary reprieve.

 I volunteer 2 to 3 hours per day at my sons school. That's right. EVERY DAY. I am the room Mom too....so I have been semi planning the Halloween party and herding parents is worse than herding cats!

In addition, I have re done my laundry room and my main bathroom. We adopted a cat and she is my shadow on me like white on rice 24/7 right now. It makes doing simple things much harder.

Who cares though- everyone is busy right?

Here are some pretty pictures.


This was the before pictures of the laundry. 

Below is the new washer. Yep. White. 

Oh- wait- it's a cat break! 

Ok, after pictures. I took out the huge sink I never ever used and repainted the entire room a lighter cream color. I also removed the mirrors and put up the giant 9. That metal number was from my Grandfathers Gulf gas station.I also have a 2. 

And here is the bathroom. I painted it a grey/blue color and put in a new shower curtain. I'll have to find a before pic- but it was yellow in there and made my skin look like old cheese. It needed to be painted. 

Good to be back! Have a great weekend

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