When it rains, it pours

My washer crapped out on me. First, she ate a sheet. Let me write that again. She ATE a sheet. A queen sized, linen (real linen, not some crappy cotton one) flat sheet.  I couldn't figure out now to remove the agitator. I couldn't get the sheet out. It was pretty awful.

Now, it was acting up before it ate the sheet. I could only use the gentle cycle as normal made the thing sound like a 747 gearing up for take off. So this shouldn't have come as a huge suprise to me, right? Wrong.

What was even worse is that although I did eventually get the sheet free with only a small tear (that I will mend as I repeat, this sheet was a freakin linen sheet) it must have dislodged the rubber seal or something...because she flooded out my laundry room 3 days later. Flood like Noah. Flood like me electric dryer sitting in a huge puddle of water inches deep. You see, the laundry room was added to my house- built into the garage by a bunch of hippies who didn't own a level. The laundry room dips considerably to the north corner.....so that's where the water pooled up. That's also where the dryer is.

So, we ordered a new washer. I didn't want one of those HE computer driven washers. My Mother got one a few months ago (that SINGS to her when it's done) and it's a complete and utter pain in the ass. It is tricky to use. It needs everything done in one way, and one way only. I can't be trusted to do things right the first time. Really. I want a washer that I can fill with water , throw in some detergent, it agitates for a while, rinses then drains. NO singing. No automatic anything. Finding a washer like that is harder than it looks.

We finally found one at Sears. Ordering from them was horrible. Their website is stupid. Their customer service is horrid. What should have been a straight forward transaction took over two days, 3 calls and 4 people. I know why Sears is losing market share by the minute. They suck.

The washer came in yesterday and my MR. installed it last night. I didn't trust the dumb and dumber crew I saw at the store so we did it ourselves. It went in simply, and I've run two loads.

So far so good.

I did get a chance to scrub the crap out of the room, caulk and paint the laundry while I was waiting for the machine. Photos soon.


Have a good day- I gotta get to school!!

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Colleen said...

so sorry to hear about your washer! I've been through three dryers in the last two years when they give up the fight and only spin with a quarter-load of laundry.