Another week, another issue.....

It's been two weeks since the Mr's surgery. He is still in pain. Less some days, more others. Today was his first day back to work and he made it 3 hours. Then he slept on the sofa off and on for another 4. I am hoping this ends soon. Our life has been as turned upside down and inside out as his body has been. He did gets his meds adjusted and so that seems to be a bit better, but the pills that allow him to be pain free also cause him to be unconscious. It's a win/lose situation.

Summer is almost over. I can't believe it. Between my flu/hospital June and the Mr'.s surgery/recovery August  this hasn't been a fun-filled vacation for any of us.

Maybe Fall will be better?

at least we have a new cat.....I can't believe we were adopted by a stray that lets my kid do this to her......... ( just so you know, the cat has been hanging out at my house for a year now...it's just this spring she decided we were hers.)


Anne At Large said...

So sorry to hear he's not feeling better! What did the doc say?

I really hope fall is better for you guys, it looks like you've got some pretty cute furry company to get you started on the right foot. I hope you have some decent weather and the health to enjoy it together.

Alana in Canada said...

I'm sorry to hear the Mr. still isn't feeling better. I tried to leave a comment before--I always read your posts, but the captha kills me.

Nice cat.