A new book meme (thanks SCB!) and I have an X!

The Rules (for there must always be RULES):

1. Go through the alphabet, and for each letter, think of a book you've read that starts with that letter (A, An, and The do not count).
2. You must write down the FIRST book you think of for any given letter. This may make for some odd choices, but them's the breaks.
3. You must have actually READ the book. (I thought of lots that started with some letters, but I hadn't read them.)
4. If you think of a more impressive-sounding book for a particular letter, but you've already written your first thought down, you CANNOT change to the more impressive-sounding book. As an example, you have to leave "Fifty Famous Fairy Tales" (the Whitman Publishing pink and white one) on the list, even if you come up with fifty more impressive books afterwards.
5. If you can think of a book for X, you win... my lasting admiration (I can't afford real prizes!)

A- The Amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay
B- Blackburn -B. Denton
C. The Civil War diary of a southern Woman (sarah morgan)
D. Dead to the World. Charlane Harris
E. East of Eden.
F. Fight Club --Palanniuk
G. God Bless you Mr. Rosewater -Vonnegut
H. Handmaids Tale --M. Atwood
I  . The informers--Bret Easton Ellis
J.  The Jungle.
K.  The Kite Runner--James Patterson
L. The Long Walk.  Stephen King
M  Memoirs of a Geisha--Golden
N. Nineteen eighty four
O. Of mice and Men
P. Papillon
Q. Quarantine- Jim Crace
R. The Ruins Scott smith
S. Survior--Chuck  Pallaniuk
T. Trailer Park --Russel Banks
U. The unbearable lightness of being --Kundera
V. Valley of the Dolls.-
W. WOrld War Z --Max Brooks.
X.  X Marks the spot- On location with the x files (yes, I LOVED the x files)
Y. The Yearling..... Rawlings
Z Zombie    Joyce Carol Oats

As I have already written, I read a lot. But, even I had trouble thinking of something with an x.