oh, how I love the google...

I am old. Not like old as dirt, but old. I graduated high school in 1984 and quickly moved out of state. The "move out of state and never look back" kind of move.  Back then, it wasn't as easy to keep up with people as it is now... pre facebook you know? So, I lost contact with  a lot of people that were important in my life.

This week, I started to try to fix that. I have been super lucky. So far, I have found my two best girlfriends from high school and got to live chat with them, and 3 of my best adult friends from Texas. I'm still waiting on reconnecting with two more. But, I'm confident that will work out too.

So, thanks Google. It's scary to think that I was able to find 5 (or 7) people- with a limited amount of knowledge time and effort for free,that I haven't heard or seen in anywhere from 8 to 27 years,  but I appreciate this.