I want to throw out all my belongings and start over again. A fresh life, a fresh start. Make everything clean and fresh. And white.

I'm tired of finding dirt in corners, spider webs on the ceiling and spots on my carpet (yogurt? who knows). I'm tired of seeing half finished, almost finished or never started projects staring at me-taunting me.

Maybe I'm just super tired. Or annoyed that fall has come and I had to have the HEAT on this morning. Or, more possibly, the fact I have to get up before 6am every morning to get the boy to bed and I don't really ever want to go to sleep prior to 2 am-ever, so maybe I am just super tired.

Got two big bags of  the Mr's old work clothes ready to go to the thrift store today. Two bags of Karma as I call it. But I need more, so it's back to  the salt mines I go.

How did I acquire so many things in only 7 years?