2010 resolutions

I can't believe that it's 2010.  It finally hit me, how much time has passed in my life already. I keep having to remind myself there is a lot of time left though, so it's time to get my life in order now.

1. lose some weight. Eat better, and less. Try some new recipes that don't include cheese or the phrase tex-mex.

2. get this house in order. Bring less crap in. Sell the crap I don't want and don't really know why we are keeping it. I'm not talking about selling those family pieces that, even if they are crap, they mean something to us. I mean the crap. The stuff I used to like but no longer do. The stuff we have outgrown.

3. Even though I want to spend less time on the computer, I do want to re do this blog. Fix it up a bit. Change the layout and the tags. Make it more about us, our home, our gardens etc... I haven't exactly thought that through yet though, so any ideas are welcome.

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