10 reasons I like where I live

1. I have 4 seasons here in Michigan. It gets cold, then warm, then sometimes hot, then kind of cold again. I like it much better than Texas or Arizona where it was hot, hotter than hell, wet, then hot again. 

2. I have grass that stays green all spring/summer long. Generally. Because of number one.  Although there was something charming about front yards of rock and cacti in Arizona, there is nothing charming about burned, crispy brown grass in July like in Texas.

3. It's quiet here. Very quiet. I live in a village of  300 people. It's not at all like Stars Hollow on the Gilmore Girls. Nothing happens in my town.( Except Sunday when the sherriff and DNR officers were chasing someone on a snow mobile down my street. Did I mention the Sherriff and DNR were also on snow machines? Exciting in a small town. ) BUT, we only live 55 miles from a big town. With the arts- museums, the opera, malls and shopping. Best of both worlds....

4. I can go to garage sales and get mid century modern furniture super cheap. Danish Modern even cheaper.

5. This is my back yard.....

6. We are good at removing the snow when it falls on the roads. We have lots of practice though...

7. My parents live just down the road from me (less than 2 miles) and they never come over without being invited and they don't call all the time. It's like they live 1000 miles away, but if we need a sitter- they're just down the road.

8. We have the most amazing lakes and rivers anyone has ever seen in Michigan. Going to Lake Michigan is like going to the ocean- the horizon goes on forever and we have awesome sand dunes.

9. We have an excellent University just down the road. Ferris State University . It has world class pharmacy and  optometry degrees, it has everything from Professional Golf Management to Nursing degrees.  We are lucky to have a resource like that available in our area.

10. We can afford to live here. The housing market bubbled here- but we didn't get sucked into that vortex when it popped. We bought only what we could afford so when we had the boy I didn't have to go back to work. Also, the Mr. has a good job here.

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