What exactly is the definition of cabin fever?

I have been in this house nonstop since Wednesday night. Before the 3 hour reprive on Wednesday, I had been in the house since the Friday before at 4 pm.  This makes it 8 days now- with 3 hours out. I don't "sit" well to start with, and add "stuck in the house" to that and it makes a messy combo.

I can only be beaten by my 5 1/2 yr old so many times on Wii bowling before I have to get something actually accomplished. I decided to finish the sewing room project .

 This is before. Please remember, when I moved into this house, the space was a woodshop. It was really, really, icky. After that, it became more like a storage bunker.


I painted the back wall and moved stuff back in....

Looks better huh? I still have some things to do- hang some paintings and put away all the paint supplies living under that table. But, it's like a little room now.


drwende said...

Wowza! I wish my bouts of cabin fever were that productive. It looks fantastic.

LOJO said...

thanks. I think we might tackle the bathroom this week too.... depends how much snow we get and where we decide to spend new years