Day three of winter weather conditions

and we are again, stuck in the house. This is also day 3 of no school for the boy. I thought for sure today we were going back- but no-that wasn't to be. Yesterday we got out for a short amount of time- snow angels were made, a snow ball fight was had and I shoveled the drive. It looks like we got another 3 or so inches last night and it's coming down pretty good right now.
I think we might make it out to the drive way after lunch.

oh, it's so cold my dog won't go outside to do his ...ummm.... business either. He looks at me like-what? no way!!!!... so now, I have to use those damn puppy training pads in the laundry or he'll start peeing on everything. Stupid dog. I know he's only 11 lbs, and had little to no hair,and he's from Texas, and he's 13 years old, but come on- man up and pee outside. It will only take a few seconds.....

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Anne (in Reno) said...

Thank god for puppy pads! Hope you're staying warm and enjoying the family time!