Christmas projects

My antler pole all decked out for Christmas

I use the Christmas holiday break to get some real work done around the house. I went down today and painted the last of my back wall in the sewing room. By Thursday everything will (hopefully) be in it's rightful place.  Then I started work on the front hall closet.

It's tiny, so the fact that something was in there that I had forgotten about is amazing to me. But there it was- my old Nikon camera. The batteries are dead. There is a roll in it. There is also 6 rolls of color and 4 rolls of black and white film. In TWO camera bags. Bags I didn't even know where in there. so very sad.... I have to get this place cleaned out and the extra crap either in the garage sale piles or off to the charity stores.

The boy is doing paintings today for the Grandparents Christmas gifts. There is one of a eagle with a fish, one of a pig, and one some deer in the garden. He also painted a guitar for my brother. I would take some pictures- but the digitals batteries are dead. 

Just a regular day here huh?


Alana in Canada said...

You have an antler pole. An Antler Pole? How does anybody get an antler pole? What an odd thing. I like how you have decked it out for Christmas, though.

LOJO said...

my husband started it as a gift to me. It's a very old piece of barnwood he found and we have antler sheds attached to it. I hope that one day it's just covered with them.

I saw some old folk art (horn covered bird houses and clocks) from the 1800's in a museam that really liked- that's how the Mr. got the idea....

Anne (in Reno) said...

I love that you decorate the antler pole!

And are you going to develop the found roll of film just in case there is something exciting on it?

LOJO said...

probably. It could be really old- there might actually be baby pics on it- and he's 5 1/2 now!

Alana in Canada said...

Well, an antler pole is unique. Interesting to know the history behind it.

I hope the photos are fun! Merry Christmas LOrijo--to you and your family. All the best.