Why are grown women wearing pajamas in public?

That was the thought that I had going into the boys school on Tuesday. When did it become OK for grown ups to go out and about in their pj's?

Then I realized what I was wearing. It was super cold outside- I was out in flip flops, levis that are way too long for me, a t shirt that I had spilled an iced tea on earlier that day, my husbands way- to- large- for- me jacket, my hair was thrown up in what my friends used to call "house hair" and I had 2, count them 2, pair of glasses propped up on my head-Sunglasses and reading glasses. No purse- my keys stuffed into my levis. I was a sight.

who am I to judge?

But at least it wasn't my pj's......

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drwende said...

I blame Dooce for bragging about how she can't manage to get out of her pajamas when delivering her kid to school.

I'm having to remind myself that "it's just a run to the grocery store" is not an excuse to wear sandals with a heavy coat, not that Arizonans don't. Man, I wish the cute boots had been zip-ups this year -- I hate laces!