More questions I must answer

It's on to the next 5 questions. I actually like these questions better- and it's not because one of mine is in this group. These are more tangible to me I guess....

From Anne in Reno

What do you do to keep from being depressed at the state of the world (as you see it) and the way things are going around you? How do you take control of your environment in a positive manner?

Although the "state of the world" isn't all that great- it's not all that bad either. Things could be a lot worse. A lot. Around me, things are ok. The Mr. is still gainfully employed. My parents are doing well. My Dad doesn't have kidney cancer. The MIL is doing fine- getting on with her life- dating and having fun. My boy is healthy, happy, and doing well in school. As I said, things could be a lot worse. As for taking control of my environment- I never had control of it in the first place- not during my cancer, or accidents, or my Dads cancer or my FILs death. For me at least- going with the flow works best.

Part 1: If you could live anywhere at all, where would you live?
Santa Fe New Mexico part of the year and Austin Texas the other. I love both those places and miss them every day.

Part 2: In what style would you live? (I don’t mean MCM or traditional, I mean opulence or simple or whatever...)

Well, I would probably live in a small adobe style house with a courtyard in both places. Some land- a few acres- and surround myself with friends, animals and art. Lots and lots of art.

Do you really care what kind of car you drive?

This was my question. The answer is no, I don't care what I drive- as long as it runs and runs well all of the time. I loved my Jeep. I loved my VW Beetle. I would love to drive a 1970's pickup truck. I drive a Ford Focus, and like Wende, I am amazed at how well it drives and what I can stuff in it. It works for me and my family isn't concerned I will roll this one down a hill.

From Christine in DC

If you were given $250,000 that you had to spend (i.e. no savings, like that old Richard Pryor movie...), how would you spend it?”

This isn't a ton of money- even if it is after tax. I would buy some land in the UP of Michigan. This is 189,000 - I would tear down the trailer and put up a cabin.
- that would blow through the 250,000, plus another 50,000 probably.
Or, I would just make sure the boy had enough money to go to college and then we could travel the world for 6 months. Either one sounds good to me.

What would you be doing with your life right now if you were free of all present constraints (family, money, geography, time, health, etc.)?

I would be driving around the country in my Jeep taking pictures, looking at outsider art and painting. That's it. That's all I would be doing.

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drwende said...

Love your "what I'd be doing" answer... sometimes I wish I could just cross the Southwest stopping at every flea market and weird tourist attraction.