thanksgiving and it's aftermath

The new stove rocks. It cooks evenly and well. And much, much faster than my old 1985 version. That meant that dinner was served nearly one hour earlier than advertised. Thank God everyone was here and I had things well under control or that would have been a disaster. It wasn't. Everything was very tasty, done, and a good time had by all. I only took a picture of the turkey though. Sorry. There was a mad rush near the end on my part so the camera wasn't allowed- I thought it might fall into a vat of mashed.

Today, since my roots are from Indiana, I am trying my greatgrandmothers favorite dish- chicken and noodles. Except, I will use turkey. Why? Because like everyone family in the USA, I have leftovers. So, Turkey and Amish egg noodles (I'm not making my own today) and stock. I will go against tradition and add in the leftover carrots and some celery too I think. Really clean out that fridge.


Anne (in Reno) said...

That turkey looks GORGEOUS. I am assuming it tasted as good as it looks. But what is the wire cage thing for? It probably won't run away at this point...

LOJO said...

that's a turkey lifter. I lifted it out of the roaster and put it on the cooking sheet so it could be carved.
It was really, really good.