I host Thanksgiving every year. Really, it started so my little family didn't have to travel to my moms and his moms houses for the day. I hate that . I liked the thought that they would all have to travel here. I'm selfish like that. Same for Christmas - except there is a "no family" rule on Christmas Day. Grandparents are welcome on Christmas Eve DAY- but they have to be all gone by 7pm- don't worry- I feed them on that day too.

You have to have rules I find, or you will be run over with requests. We traveled to and fro when I was a child. It sucked. I will not do that to my kid.

Anyway- this is the menu for the day. I am making it all except for the cranberry sauce. That comes from a jar at my moms house. It's whole berry sauce if that makes anyone feel better. I like it.

Turkey. This year it's a 16.23 lb one. It's thawing in the fridge as I write this.

dressing. NOT stuffing. I find stuffing gross, and it's a chance to give your entire family food poisoning if not done correctly.

mashed potatoes. Yukon Golds with cream and real butter.

Turkey gravy

roasted carrots
Roasted sweet potatoes. No sugar or marshmallows. Ick. Some salt and butter please

sweet corn


dessert is Pumpkin Gooey Cake. I make it every year. It's a Paula Deen recipe so it has a God awful amount of butter in it. It's very, very good.

That's it. Iced tea since no one drinks. Not very exciting really. As Wende says, I"m "exceedingly normal" . I'm ok with that. Better than OK really.


drwende said...

Please note that being "exceedingly normal" is giving you a relatively low-stress and yummy holiday!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Looks delicious and low-key in my book. And yum to savory sweet potatoes!

LOJO said...

thanks. My family-especially Dad- has some strict regulations on food- sodium intake etc... so fancy is pretty much out of the question. This meal will be rather easy for me to make- and yes- low stress.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I'm feeling nostalgic. This is almost exactly the menu that my mom/aunt makes every year.

We call it stuffing, but I don't think anyone has stuffed the bird in 25 years or so. I always thought that was pretty gross, too. My aunt makes stuffing that is more like chewy croutons seasoned with little bits of celery and onion. It is soooo good.