It's the questions meme- 5 at time is the way to go!

SO, it seems that doing the first 5 questions tonight is the social norm. Far be it from me to rock the boat here.

Would you rather eat Reese's Cups or Peppermint Patties?

Reeses, matter of fact, I just at a huge bag of them. We don't get trick or treaters at the chair household. Too remote. But-JUST IN CASE- I always buy one bag of candy. A bag of candy I wouldn't mind eating myself. Reeses. Jumbos. Yum.

Would you rather never listen to music again or lose your TV?
I would die if I lost my TV. Or my cable. Or my ON DEMAND. Or my HULU. Well, you get the point. I'm visual. I love my tv.

If you could visit any one time period in history, when would it be?

I'm with Wende on the problem of hygiene. Especially the oral part of hygiene. Plus, being a woman with a vagina is problematic during most, if not all, of the really exciting eras of human development. That said, I would love to go see the Mayan and Aztec civilizations when they were humming along. As long as I got to keep my heart in my chest, that is. We don't know a whole lot about that society and what they did. I sure would like to see it for myself.

Would you rather die peacefully, but unexpectedly in your sleep at 60, or at 90 after years of disease...

Before the cancer, I would have said 60. Now, it would be 90. I really, really, really don't want to die. Have I made that clear? I want every available medical test, trial, drug or machine at my demand to avoid leaving this earthly plane.

Do you think that questions such as "what's your favourite colour/ice cream/album of all time" help you get to know another person?

Nope. It just lets you know what color/ice cream/album they like at the time they answer the question. I don't know if anyone can tell anything about me by the fact I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, the color green and the Dixie Chicks. But go ahead if you think that opens some doorway to my soul.

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scb said...

It's not that I think learning one's fave ice cream etc are doorways to the soul, but that they help to break the ice when one is just getting to know someone. Maybe. After reading so many people's definite "no" answers to that question, I'm starting to question my own "yes" answer...