The boy is sick.

It's Batman!

Woke up sick. Temperature, tummy ache. Now he's laying on the sofa watching tv and rotting his brain. I hope he gets better soon. At least he had a "sort of " Halloween - the school had a big Halloween day- parties and parades, then we went up the university and hit all the places where the Mr. works and the boy got a TON of candy! (no, he didn't eat a ton of it last night- 3 pieces I think)

I knew this was going to happen with all the kids out at his school. I just hope he fights it off- he still hasn't had his H1N1 vaccine yet (because we don't have any up here yet)

I know what I'll be doing this weekend- taking temperatures, watching fluid intake and rubbing his head.

Happy Halloween!


drwende said...

Oh, I feel for you! Are you any better at all?

My theory on TV in these situations is that keeping the sick person's brain in neutral helps immensely in controlling the symptoms.

Alana in Canada said...

TV is medicine when you're sick. I hope he gets through this without getting worse.

LOJO said...

just came back from the ER, fever was 102.9 at one point. He's got the flu.

scb said...

awww, sorry he's sick! Hope you're all feeling better soon!