Family issues

My cousin is married with two kids. She's been married twice- one kid with each husband. She has been laid off now for months. This is not the first time she has been laid off for an extended period of time. She's not lazy or a bad worker- but I fear she has no common sense what so ever. Her husband is extremely smart- but what we call up here "bone idle"- part time work sometimes. No work now. They now have no money. None. This isn't the first time this has happened either.

I thought maybe I had written something last time this happened, and maybe I did and erased it- I don't know. Last time they had their house, car and motorcycle repossessed. My aunt went out and bought them an older used car, and tried to get them set up for job interviews and some public assistance (my Aunt is VERY connected in that field where they live) I don't even know if my cousin is looking for a job. My Aunt doesn't think so. She isn't even trying to get public assistance to stay afloat.

My Aunt doesn't know what to do now either. I know she wouldn't help my cousin and husband anymore- but there's grandkids involved (ages 5 and 6) . She can't have them stay with her- she lives in one of those age controlled condos- I think you have to be 55 at least to live there- when she bought it she just met the age conditions herself. Plus, now she's the head of the board of that condo- so she really can't break the rules. In addition, she has NO money herself. She works in a non profit education system.

Anyway. I don't know what to do. I feel so bad for those kids. In December, without a job, they will lose their rental house and have the electric turned off. (my Aunt paid this month apparently at the last minute) .We have no extra money. We live too far away in another state to have them stay with us (besides, my county has a 13.4% unemployment rate) . Her Dad is jerk and they don't talk. His Dad is no help either. There is no extended family except me.

I want to go down there and kick her ass. I'm pretty sure that won't help though. I think her first husband-father of the oldest kid- will try to get custody of him. Ripping the brothers apart doesn't seem right, but at least one would have a roof over his head and heat.

Can I do anything?


drwende said...

You're absolutely right to think you can't afford to take in adults with their track record... but can you offer a home to one or both kids while the parents take another crack at getting their feet on the ground? That would still stretch you, but it might be more do-able, particularly if Aunt could help a little with expenses.

LOJO said...

I would try, but we live in a different state, and legalities about the kids health care, school stuff, etc.. might be too much. Also, I think the oldest boys father will take him before he that could happen anyway.
I don't even know how to offer that anyway- any ideas?

drwende said...

I'd just ask them if that would help them out.

As long as they sign something making you the legal guardian temporarily, school is not a problem, but I know nothing about health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. To echo what Wende has said, a notarized document should be enough for schools. I imagine that every insurance plan has different rules, but your nephew might qualify for your state's CHIP plan.