The illness that just won't go away.

As I have written before, I am sick. Really sick, not just cough, cough sick. I spent all of September off and on sick because the boy child started school and the petri dish that is kindergarten is very contagious. Then, 12 days ago I got the flu. Probably. I got all the symptoms, but they don't test anymore up here. 5 days after I got the flu, I got an ear infection and a sinus infection. The ER visit followed. The antibiotic didn't help. one. damn. bit. 5 days later and I'm sicker than ever- no earaches, but sicker than ever. The cough syrup did work like a champ though, so sleeping was easier.

I called my Dr. on Friday. When I got put into hold hell I knew things were bad in this area health- wise. There is a 3 minute recording that lists all of the symptoms on H1N1, what is dangerous, what isn't. They are trying to get everyone to stay home for 7 days if they are sick, not just the 24 hours after the fever breaks. I was on hold for 22 minutes. Finally I talk to a nurse, explain the issue, she transfers me to the triage nurse. Triage. In small town Michigan. She takes all my info, tells me she'll call back. See, I still have the infection. I shouldn't still be sick. After 4 more hours, she calls back. Tells me to stop taking my antibiotics, they are calling in a more powerful antibiotic and to make sure to read all of the cautions. I don't have to see the Dr. I can't see the Dr. They are too busy.

The cautions are horrific. Tendon breakage is the oddest of the 4 pages. Just as I'm about to take the first one, my Mom calls. She's been in the ER. Infection and breathing problems. They prescibed the same very powerful drug to her- gave her one in the ER. Now, this is two separate hospital systems, so now I have a bit more confidence in this drug, but these side effects are scary. I decided to take it anyway (Moms not having any side effects yet) The drug makes me dizzy. Not horribly, but dizzy all the same. Yesterday was a wash. I wake up today though, and feel better than I have in 12 days. I think this might just work.

The pills (10 of them total) cost me 20 bucks with my insurance. Retail cost was 158.00. My Mom got 7 pills. It cost her 39.00 with her insurance. Same pills. I hate our insurance industry.


drwende said...

Glad to hear you're feeling less bad!

scb said...

Hope you're soon feeling more good...

LOJO said...

I think Wende has it right. I feel less bad. I hope that I will feel more good later this week!

If I can say anything it's that this early flu/sickness season must be taken seriously. It's awful

Anne (in Reno) said...

Oy. I hope you get through this soon, it sounds terrible. I wish I could make you some soup.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh, Lorijo. Is this medication OK given your prior medical history? Yikes.

Take it easy, my dear. I too wish I could fed-EX you some soup or something.

At least I can give you a virtual hug.

LOJO said...

thanks, but the soup would just kill my mouth right now- I have now been on antibiodics so long that it's killing everything in me- even the good stuff. I have thrush now- just 4 spots-but it hurts so bad!

I'm done. This better be over soon, I just don't have any thing left to fight this with now.

Thanks for the virtual hugs and soup!