Missing foods-the top 10 ish...

Really, I am having trouble with this. When I lived in Austin, I would cook for my friends, but Austin is a going-out-to-eat town. 4 or 5 nights a week I would either eat out or just eat take out. When I moved up here, that stopped, but I cooked what I liked and I still do that.

If I had to come up with a few things-
1. steak soup. Basically, it's steak, potato's, carrots, onions, corn etc... in a beef stock. It's more a winter thing, but I don't think that I made it last winter.
2. pizza with goat cheese, artichokes, pesto and mushrooms. The Mr. likes non of these items. I don't make it anymore. I love it though, and might need to break it out.
3. corn bread. Now, here is something that I will bring out soon. I love my cornbread.
4. I don't bake much anymore. cakes, pies etc.... I should do that more.
5. Chicken parmigiana.
6. homemade dips. I am trying to give up potato chips though, so this probably won't be happening.
7. portobello sandwiches. The Mr. likes meat, and he hates mushrooms. I love these, so maybe I can eat these when he eats meat?
8.Pots De Creme. I love these. I haven't made them in 6 years. I think I know what I am going to try next!
9. orange chicken. Usually I make green onion and garlic sauce for my Chinese food.
10. Spinach casserole from quackenbushe's. That was good.
11. fried chicken. Actual, fried in fat chicken.
12. spring rolls and egg rolls.

Here is my personal cook book. These are all things I have cooked and liked. I don't think I have brought this out in a year or two. Light reading it's not. Tonight I am going to look through it and find one recipe to try this week. I promise.

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