More eye candy...and not a white room in the bunch

I am trying to be a bit more realistic. With a cat, a bad dog , a 5 yr old and a husband, a white room is impractical at best. I don't want to hover over a sofa or rug all the time, and I want us to be able to live in our rooms.

My Grandma used to put a sheet over her velvet couch when ever we came to visit. It offended me at 10 let me tell you. When she gave the sofa to my parents I used to get a certain amount of satisfaction that not only was there no sheet, but we put our feet on it, slept on it, ate on it, and the dog was up there with us!

I like this one because of the wood chairs and sofa. They are totally my style and I covet them....No, I have no idea where this picture came from- it's been floating around in my hard drive for a long, long, time. This is Amy Butlers place I believe.
This is one of my favorites. I think it's an office actually. I don't care. And I love that cow...

This is by Thom Felicia- it seems warm and homey.

This one I love more due to the furniture- those chairs and the TV cabinet. I would love to have those windows and light too...

I'm off to go shopping today! Have a great one

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