Childrens rooms. Why are they awful?

Do a simple Google search of boys bedroom decor. What comes up is generally horrific. Not like the girls rooms at all. Boys stuff is very themey stuff like this-

The scary guy in the corner would never let me sleep-
why do adults put kids "into" things all the time- boat beds, car beds, etc.....

I just want to find some inspiration photos for the boys room that really don't focus on a single theme or rely on vinyl stickers and murals for the interest. I want to find a room that doesn't scream "walmart decor" or " I went to pottery barn kids and bought everything they had that was blue".
Kids change what they love every 20 seconds or so. My boy is 5. He had a "doggy" nursery, then a generic big boys room, then a cowboy ish room, then it was rustic safari, then Star Wars, now it's more generic again- with movie posters and such. I need to find something that works for him for longer than 3 months and works for me as well, since the door is always open.

I want to find something that, while the bones remain the same, the stuff can be switched out so that when he has a new "love" that stuff can come out and I don't have to get new linens, carpet, curtains etc...

We went Windows shopping. He picked out these-

He thinks that I can paint that picture above the bed. I told him that I cannot. I like how you can see who lives here, but it doesn't hit you on the head, drag you across the room and beat you into submission.

He liked the bunk beds. Our house isn't tall enough. I believe that we could build something like this though, only one story high...

I like this- with a few alterations, such as more kid friendly art and some toys, this would work.

His room has a very rustic wood wall. He and I like both like antlers.

Why am I starting to look at this room too? Because I am taking the boys rug out of his room and putting it in the basement tv room when it's finished. It's a bright red and will look great down there. I am planning on putting this rug in the boys room to replace it. After I vacuum it of course-

and this is the lamp he's getting for his bedside table. I think He needs a more big-boy lamp now.

Since I painted his room earlier this year a light greyish blue, I think these will work color wise. Now I have to work on de cluttering some of his stuff and getting his to decide on what he wants to see on his walls day in and day out. That's no easy task for a 5 year old.

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drwende said...

Do the pros who come up with theme rooms subconsciously want to freeze child development at one hobby? Or are they just recreating model homes (which always stage the kids' rooms to show one hobby expressed by three accessories?).

If I were going to furnish a kid's room, I'd be thinking in terms of "neutral" colors (in the sense of "colors that won't be tiring in six months or clash with the next passion," not in the sense of "beige"), flexible storage and play space, and a good spot on the wall for picture frames where the pictures can be changed out. In short -- roughly what you're contemplating.