I have a new project

1960's vintage fireplace
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Yes, it's a free standing, 1960's/70's avocado fireplace. Your eyes do not deceive. The Mr. got it at a garage sale (at 5.30PM ) for 15 bucks.
I have to figure out how to remove the unfortunate black spray paint from the avocado, at least the base part. Under the paint looks to be in good, even shiny state! If the stack has to stay black-well so be it- but I will paint it better that's for sure.
It's either a Preway or a Sears model. I have found an on line owners manual, so if I can clean it and find it's serial number I should be all set !


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Alana in Canada said...

wow. I would't even know how to begin!

Colleen said...

this looks like fun!