I will never be the next food star

Wende, in her wisdom starts out with a questionnaire-Here are the questions and my answers

Distinctly Kitchen-y Questionnaire Favorites

1.Is there a chef/cook, real or fictional, whom you admire? If so, what's the appeal of this person?
Guy Firie. He has the job I want more than anything else in the world-going around the country and eating in little dives-and getting paid for it! Then there is Paula Deen. Not withstanding her love of butter, I love her cooking. I think of her as the Dolly Parton of food. No one I have ever met doesn't love that woman. I make her deserts for every work event that the Mr. has to take one and everyone loves them-there hasn't been a clunker in the bunch. Then, because I love Italian food almost as much as Mexican, and the photography on her show is fantastic-Giada de Laurentiis.

2.Is there a chef/cook, real or fictional, whom you find annoying? If so, what's the offense by this person?
I hate Rachael Ray. Hate her. Hate her show(s) , find her annoying and even if she did have great recipes that would save me hours in the kitchen, I can't bring myself to watch her. I want to strangle her when ever she says EVOO.

Personal history

1.What's your earliest memory of cooking--or assisting with cooking--yourself?
Not including Lucy (of charlie brown) tea parties? Cookies. That never came out right because my mother used margarine.

2.What do you consider to be comfort food? Tacos, enchiladas (cheese only with red chile gravy), lasagna, grilled cheese sandwiches, fettuccine alfredo, pizza with greasy cheese and peperoni.

3.What piece of cooking advice would you never take again?
I second Wendes stock issue. Bones and carcasses are needed for stock, but I just can't deal with making it. Too much work. Also, that stupid throwing a piece of pasta on a surface to see if it sticks to verify if it's cooked. Just eat a piece and stop the food fights.

4.What do you enjoy about cooking? Testing out new recipes .

5What do you dislike about cooking? The fact I have to do it daily.

6.What animal best summarizes your current cooking and/or eating habits?
The Mr MUST have MEAT at every sitting. And a starch. I would be a semi vegetarian if alone, but he's a carnivore. So, if there is an animal involved in this question, my husband would eat it, not use it as an symbol

1.What is bothering you about your current eating/cooking habits?
See above with the meat. I also think that I get so bored that I fall back into making the same 10 items over and over again.

2,What do you want to be able to say about your eating/cooking habits at the end of eight weeks? Things are more interesting. New choices, new menus. Oh, and there is less meat, cheese and butter.

Breath, Bones, Heart, Head.
I am good about getting rid of expired food. It's clean. The pantry if full of stuff we will eat, so that's not an issue. I will clean the stove (it's gross) and the fridge today or tomorrow since it's going to RAIN again and I can't work outside or paint. I have probably about 60 cookbooks here, and access to the interweb, so recipes aren't going to be an issue so much. And I just did the questionnaire. SO, good for me I guess.
This looks to be fun. Except for the Turducken ,Wende. Those things are gross. The grocery store I used to go to in Austin- Central Market-used to sell them for "special occasions" Yuk. But I would recommend anyone going to Austin go to Central Market. They are really special. Really special.


drwende said...

So, if there is an animal involved in this question, my husband would eat it, not use it as an symbol

That was LOL funny!

I don't think I've ever see Rachel Ray's show, and I gather I should be thankful about that.

Mella DP said...

I have to admire you, Lorijo, for being the only RR detractor I've personally encountered who's managed to spell her name right.

zooza said...

I'm so glad that both you and Wende agree on the stock issue, because now I can stop feeling guilty whenever I throw away bones. I always feel I should be freezing them for future use (perhaps when I have bought a stock pot which I almost do quite regularly) or boiling them up there and then. But it's just all a bit ick. I'd rather use a stock cube.

LOJO said...

I've tried making stock. I had a small freezer full of bones of all kinds. I just gave up recently, and I don't feel guilty in the least!