Field museum pictures-and cure updates.

Doesn't this look like it shouldn't be real?

I loved the native Americans exhibits more than anything else. I wish I would have gotten some pictures in the artic peoples exhibits, but it's REALLY dark in there.

The doll maker in me was thrilled to see this....

I love totem poles, masks, etc... from any group or any area...

I loved that place. I am looking forward to going back- maybe without the 4 year old-I would love to spend more time with the arctic exhibit.
Cure wise-
WT- I cleaned out my closet and switched from summer to fall/winter. Some of my summer t's I kept out because with a jacket or sweater over them they will be fine for winter. I have a small list of some basics to keep my eyes open for- some long sleeve t shirts, a new winter vest, and sweaters. My sweaters are all rabbit-y or very, very old. Either way it's time to make the upgrade. Winter in Michigan almost requires you to wear a sweater, and it's high time I get with the program.
I purged 2 purses I haven't used in a while (a black canvas Banana Republic and an old Kate Spade), and a pair of Levis that I never have really like. When I feel better I plan on going through the closet again, this time trying on things. I found purging this time around was much easier than in years past.
I cleaned up the dining room, living room and most of the kitchen. I cleaned out the fridge. I made some new art for the dining room with some fabric I picked up at Ikea in Chicago. I cleaned the floors and the sinks and vacuumed the entire house. I cleaned out my closet and the front entry closet. I pulled down all my sons winter clothes and pulled out the summer stuff and the clothes he has outgrown.
That's all because I am still hacking up a lung every 2o minutes or so. I guess it's back to the Dr. on Monday.


Anne (in Reno) said...

What is that first picture? That museum looks awesome! I hope you're feeling better soon! I always find that sweaters are the toughest part of WT as they seem to go rabbity so fast or at least mine do because they get so much use in the cold winters we have here. It's a pain, even sweaters that I consider to be better quality just get used so heavily they never seem to last like I want them to. Sigh. Feel better soon!

lorijo said...

It's a Springhaas. They are sometimes called a springhare. It's a rodent. I thought that it was the creepiest thing I saw that day- hands down.

Alana in Canada said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. My goodness, woman, take it easy, OK? This lung thing just doesn't sound good at all. Will you get a second opinion if your Dr. is still "thinking" about it? Please.