My B I T . Don't expect to much and you won't be let down....

Here is my plan- honestly, it's not much of a plan. But, it's all I can do now.

1) I am going to stop eating fast food. Unless I have to. Yes, that sounds like a cop out, but hear me out. I have some blood sugar problems and sometimes I have to eat- and eat fast. I can't set myself up to fail (or pass out)- so sometimes I need to grab a hamburger or a coke. But I am going to stop the never ending drive through meals that I have been using as a major food group. When I do have to eat while out I am going to try to make better choices. No more fries. No more biggie sized anything. No more finishing my kids happy meal- after I eat my meal. A little more planning on my part and I should be able to totally cut these virtually empty calories out of my life.

2) Smaller portions. Of everything. We have been living our lives on super size for 4 years. Time to get off the merry go round. 3 solid, well thought out meals per day, plus 2 healthy snacks. Limit the fat, watch the calories, try to get more "real" food in the diet and limit the pre packaged or prepared foods.

3) Keep up with the biking. A few days a week I bike a course that's between 4 and 6 miles. I need to up that number and add some weight training. My mother (who lives only 1.6 miles away) has a great stationary bike (the kind with the computer etc...) and my Dad is buying a treadmill for the winter. They offered unlimited access to me too. Yea! Something to do when the snow is up to my nose.

4) I need to go through my closet and get rid of my fat clothes. If I don't have those to fall back on I think that will help.

That's it. We'll see how that works.


drwende said...

Good for you!

Once you get used to the taste of a more modest amount of fat, the amount of grease (and salt!) included in much fast food truly does become unappealing.

Alana in Canada said...

Good for you! My sister-in-law set up a snack cupboard in her kitchen with healthy snacks so she and her daughter can grab something quick and take it with them whenever needed. I thought it was a great idea. (My sister-in-law is on a very salt restricted diet for health reasons--it's amazing how healthy her diet is as a result.)

We used to "treat" ourselves to fast food regularily...and then started noticing a) how expensive it was and b) how we felt after a meal, which was usually awful. Cutting way back has been tough on the kids, though.

We do have a favourite Chinese resteraunt, a local pizza place and Subway to fall back on--but that's been about it for the last year. Fast food has become a real rarity I'm happy to say.

scb said...

Good for you!!! Yay.

I hear you on the Gotta Eat Something NOW blood sugar issues. My intention is to take something with me when I go out. My memory is having a little trouble catching up with that intention. I bought a baby-size spoon that I can carry in my purse, so if I'm in a mall where there's a grocery store, the theory is that I can buy a yogurt, instead of getting a cheese scone at the food court.

Good luck!!!