Happy Anniversary to us!

This weekend is my 5 year wedding anniversary. We are getting away and leaving the boy with his grandparents. (all of them- they are taking shifts here so he can stay in his own house, in his own bed) We have never left the boy. Not both of us at the same time at least. My husband travels a bit for business, and I go on "mental health" weekend vacations, but we've never gone anywhere together- ALONE- since my son was born.

We never had a honeymoon either. We figured after we got married there would be time to take a vacation a little later when our work schedules allowed for it. Little did we know that we would get pregnant right after the ceremony and then I would have the accident and get a touch of the cancer. Just when we were feeling better about my cancer, my grandparents died, his father passed away, then my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, then he was diagnosed with his heart condition, and here we are- 5 years later.

All I really want is a couple nights in a hotel suite- no kid climbing into bed at 5 am to wake me up. I want to go to a bookstore- a movie- dinner- without worrying about kid stuff. Simple stuff huh? Wish us luck I didn't wear a dress- linen pants, rhinestone flip flops and an open weave twin set.

The bon-fire (before it was lit)
Kegs. They (and the wine) were in an old water container that horses used. (we were married on an old farm and we found it in the barn- it hadn't been used by a horse for over 20 years)

The tent
The neighbors tricked out their golf cart and brought it over for us to use the day and night of the wedding. We rode all over in that thing (see the beer cans?)
wedding watermelons- no cake for us!
This is me looking out at the gathering crowd. The pictures in the window frame were of my grandparents. One set was dead and the other set was in an assisted living facility and couldn't make the trip because of their health, but I wanted to remember them.

P.S. Why was I AWOL for a week? I messed up my internet connection last week. Erased everything to be exact (I put a bike helmet on my wireless keyboard- without turning off the computer first). When I started to look for the information to fix the issue-I couldn't locate it. It's not so much that my filing is bad- it's not- it just wasn't here in the house and I wish I would have known that before I tore everything up!


Mella DP said...

Congratulations! And enjoy the trip. I'm sure you've earned it.

scb said...

Have a wonderful celebration!!! Happy Anniversary!

(of course, I teared up when I read about the pictures of the grandparents in the window...)

Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary- enjoy your trip!

drwende said...

Good luck with your get-away and have a wonderful time!

(You guys are so cute in the photos!)

Alana in Canada said...


I don't think we've ever been "away" without the kids in 10 years--so I'm envious. Hope you had/have a wonderful time!