Welcome to my new path!

The path project (summer project number 3 I think) is ALMOST done. I still need to put another bag of mulch out (left side) and get another bag of sand (or 2) in between those pavers. I'm not going to town today though, so just imagine that those things are done.

Here is how the path is ending- 3 large flat stones then the short cement step area. There are red twig dogwoods, coral bells, some hens and chicks, and some blue grass planted in this area. The red lava rocks are to help with drainage ( making the pitch away from the house was the hardest part of this job) and then I use bark mulch for the rest.... This whole project will come in under 70 dollars. I have spent 60 already and need about 10 dollars worth of sand and mulch.

Thank you Alana- it was your garden therapy posts that got me thinking about doing this project- and your links provided me with a wealth of information!

Here is my side garden- my rock garden - sorry the sun really bleaches out the colors of those lillies-on the upper right is the dirt path that used to be those horrid stairs. Now we just have to plant some grass seed!
Here is the front plantings off of the porch. It's too crowded- I need to thin in the fall... those daylillies went a little wild- and some flowers are showing up (purple coneflowers) that I didn't plant- maybe birdies did!
Here is the back porch project. Some of the porch was already painted white. Some was black. I painted both the front and the back white. I think I will probably have to do that every year- it gets dirty etc.... and I like the freshness of the white railings. I am going to keep the bottom a darker color- it would get dirty and nasty way to fast.

Here is before-( I pulled off a bunch of green garden plastic fencing that we had installed when Max was just a baby- we don't need that anymore)

Here is after-I also cut back the tree and the shrub back there....
Just in case you thought all we did was work work work all holiday long- we also used the slip and slide a lot- and we went to the beach-
My husband is still working on the fence posts. It's been tough going due to tree roots. More about that later.


scb said...

Wow, what a great accomplishment. What a lot of work you've done! The path looks soooo good. (Love the beach photo, too!)

Alana in Canada said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy I could help. That path is wonderful! The deck looks nice and spiffy, too. Well done!

lsaspacey said...

I made comments when you pictures showed up on Flickr, you have done a great job with this!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Love the path, but FYI, those dogwoods will get big and fluffy and potentially annoying, that close to the door. Might be worth scooting them away a bit, but that's just me, I'm forever replanting plants when I think they're in the wrong spot.