So- what have I missed?

Getting away just the thing we needed. It rained the entire time- gloomy and dark. It just didn't matter though. We went shopping (with the icky weather it was easy to choose what to do) and my husband bought a TON of clothing- he seemed to really enjoy shopping. Shoes, two belts, one tie, 4 dress shirts, 2 pair dress slacks, 1 pr khakis, one pr golf shorts, swim trunks. I on the other hand, found basically nothing. I bought a book and a denim jacket. But I am so pleased with my husbands haul of new school clothes that it didn't matter.

The boy was great for his grandparents- "a joy" and "so well behaved" after hearing about it I wondered if they were actually looking after MY child.

We are having a second garage sale in two weeks (Aug. 1 and 2) so I have that to prepare for- ad to write, some new stuff to find and price, signs to check etc.. also the front yard has changed a lot since the last sale so I have to figure out how to set this one up too!


drwende said...

Good for you! "Away" is healthy.

lorijo said...

I figured if we could stand 3 days and nights of being with each other- alone- then we were still in good shape. We just hung out- ate- drank a little and shopped. It was nice.....