updating the updates

These are some before shots. What I call the rock garden- just ignore the bathtub. It's going to be something- some art project- just what I'm not sure of right now, so it hides behind my fence. There is a ton of plants in here- unfortunately, there is also a ton of weeds.....
View from up the stairs to the rock garden and pine trees. The stairs are only half out.
Here is an after. I weeded (and weeded and weeded etc...) a whole wheelbarrow full of weeds for the compost heap. You can see mulch again!

These are daylillies- they haven't flowered yet.I hope that the deer don't eat them before they get the chance to bloom. In the rock garden I have daylillies, sweet william, zebra grass, some decorative shrubbery, and some other assorted perennials. Oh, yes, and bowling balls. I have bowling balls planted in my gardens.
This is up those same steps. More railroad ties (rotting nasty things) have been removed. The pines have been trimmed up about 7 ft and the needles underneath have been removed. The fence that you see on the right is being put up all the way under those trees soon....
A gratuitous picture of one of my flowers....
The fully trimmed, pruned lilac bush hill. The myrtle will creep all the way around. I just need to add a few more stones to make the steps easier to go up and down.
Then there's this-
Here is the 15 dollar oak buffet that I got at a garage sale.
Here it is stained. It's not done yet- but it's close. The drawers go in all the way now because I planed them, then sanded, then planed, then sanded- you get the picture. I should be finished sometime next week- final clear coat and the hardware. I can't wait to get into the studio!

I had a busy weekend- especially when you consider we hid in the basement most nights due to the tornadoes and storms. The county west of us is under a state of emergency- roads washed out, sewer lines broken, no drinking water, it's a real mess. We were so very lucky.

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Alana in Canada said...

Oh my, that oak buffet is lovely!

My sympathies on the weeding--and congrats! It's great to get things tidied up--you're doing a fantastic job.