To gain a new perspective- just move

More work done on the back yard. I don't know if you can tell, but I can. Now, I can see the myrtle. The sun actually makes it through the lilacs to the ground. I just need a few hours with the weed whip now now.... Here is the area directly across from the the above picture. This is still what I see when looking out to the back yard. The rocks are the bed edge, inside the bed is daylillies. I started pruning the apple tree a little, but much, much more needs to be done. There is a bench back there you can barely see in the picture.
This is opposite the apple tree, looking back at the house. The small wooden fence was put up by my husband. I would like to say it was to keep my son safe (that's an awful big drop) but no, I was the one who almost fell off the top -face first. At the bottom right hand corner is a large white concrete box. There are actually 3 of them, about 30 ft in all, and those are my vegetable planters. This year I have tomatoes, herbs, spinach and lettuce. Keeping them about 4 ft off the ground makes sure the stray animals don't eat my crops. Straight ahead in this picture is my "woods" and to the left is a footpath I cleared down to the woodpile and the river. It's pretty crude right now- it's just the bare ground and a brick outline ( I found the bricks on the property- there was a ton of them, which is suprising since I don't have a brick house)
After spending so much time looking out my living room window trying to figure out what I wanted to look at in my yard, I decided to go down to my riverbank and look back at my house. You know, to see what others see. I am so glad I did. I love my little house.

The above picture is from the banks- the below picture is from my marshland.

The next thing I have to do is a "floorplan" of my yard so that I can decide what to do- you know- the "big" picture.

PS- we put a live trap out for whatever is destroying our bird feeders. We caught a cat. My sweet husband at 11:30 pm woke up and let him go. We didn't catch anything else last night.


drwende said...

It looks tremendously romantic, you know...

lorijo said...

thank you- it is amazingly private for being in the village.

Alana in Canada said...

You are IN a village? You mean you have neighbours? I thought you were on an old farm acreage or something.

I'm glad you have a lot of energy and stamina. That's quite a "mature" landscape to deal with! I'm in a virtual desert by comparison. (And now I'm glad of it, too!)

I wish I was able to come and help you. I bet I'd learn a lot.

lorijo said...

Yes, I am IN a village. I have next door neighbors. One both sides and kitty corner accross the street.
When we looked for a house, my husband wanted to continue to live in the country and I wanted to live in a neighborhood. This was the perfect combination- even though it needed so much work.

We did a lot of work yesterday- new pictures soon. I think he took away another 5 wheelbarrows full of yard garbage and I got the old oak buffet almost ready for staining.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh terrific! Looking forward to those new pictures. It's quite exciting to see everything all tidied up. Will you be removing those trees directly in front of the house--the really tall ones?

lorijo said...

those trees are in the back of the house, and no, those are staying. I have no trees in my "front yard" I have a giant maple on the east side front, and 3 large pines on the west side front. They are staying. I am planning on getting rid of at least 1 large pine in my "forest"- it's about 50 ft tall- and a few smaller ones (in diameter only- they are still tall)