What have I done this week......

What have I done this week- in two words- not much. I have been riding my new bike. Now I go about 5 miles each trip. Here is what I see-

I got the boy into a pre school program for next fall- 3 days a week about 3.5 hours a day. Not a lot, and I am only sending him so that he can learn to play with others. Everything else is taken care of- his ABC 's etc.... I don't need school for that.

I cooked a lot. Here are two things that I made.

The omelet has Morel mushrooms on it and morels, spinach and feta inside. The Morels we went out and "hunted" in the woods. I live in a area with a lot of them. I love them and it's been a family tradition to go out in search for them since I was very young.

The pancakes are apple ,Cinnamon, and banana .

That's all I have. I promise to do better next week. Really.

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scb said...

If you ask me, riding your bike 5 miles a day and getting all that fresh air and beautiful scenery into your heart and soul is doing a LOT. It may not have a tangible outcome like working on WT leftovers, or decorating/renovating rooms, but it has a wonderful inner-self restorative outcome, and that's very important.