Week 7- wardrobe therapy piles.

Accessories. For me, this is a short category. I have two types- jewelry and handbags. I don't have scarves or things of that ilk. I don't know why- but they have never been my "thing". I wear a winter scarf sometimes and that is the closest that I get to them. I have already piled and explained the handbags and most of my jewelry staple pieces. See here -http://justonemorechair.blogspot.com/2007/12/jewelry-i-wear-my-staple-pieces.html

I did find another box while cleaning so that is what I am going to pile today. What I need to figure out is why I don't accessorize. I can't remember ever doing so either. I get dressed, I will even find shoes and a bag that goes with the outfit, but that's as far as it gets. I don't usually change my jewelry- and I never wear a scarf or a broach or a hat or anything like that. Not even in the pashima crazed 90's did I wear a scarf. I owned one or two if I remember correctly, but never wore them. I envy those women (SCB) who not only make that effort, but who try to actively try to figure out what accessories go with the outfit they are wearing and also their lifestyle. I think I just gave up trying a long time ago.

Here is some stuff I found this weekend-

Here is the stuff I am going to keep - the top right is a large strand of amethyst and sterling beads, the bottom right are my fish, the bottom left is my glass jewelry, the top left are some sterling earrings, longhorns and an old daisy cross.
Here is the stuff that is going to be sold- left is stuff for the garage sale- the stuff on the right is all gold- so I don't know if I should sell it for scrap or just put them in the garage sale.
Here is the stuff that is going to be re used in my dolls and/or craft projects. Beads and single fake diamond earrings and a cross that I have no idea where it came from.
This is what I don't get. My house is pretty colorful. Blues, greens, orange and red. My clothes not so much (unless you count black, white and denim as colors) and I wear little to no jewelry- and what I do wear is pretty plain . So what shows my true colors- my house or my clothes??? And how do I fix it so that they are in sync with each other....


drwende said...

Maybe both are true.

My house runs beige; my wardrobe runs black. Reversing the two would not go well.

scb said...

Maybe in the Style Statement way of thinking, your house expresses one of the words of whatever your Style Statement would be, and your wardrobe expresses the other word.

I am not worthy of anyone's envy... I *want* to accessorize and look great all the time, but often I don't bother, or don't remember -- I want to make it so effortless to put an accessorized outfit together that it becomes just second nature.