Skeletons? Is that what I see in the back of my closet?

Why, yes that's it . My closet is full of them. At least, my downstairs storage area is. I have done a good job of purging my past lives from the closets that I now use everyday. I have a large closet (about 8 ft long) FULL to the brim of stuff that belongs in my past life. I have good intentions of getting rid of it -just not quite yet. I have however, pulled about 50 pieces out of my storage closets and put them in the garage sale pile. If they don't sell at the sale, then off to Goodwill they go!

Some closet skeleton standouts to me are -
1. Cowboy boots. 3 pair- 1 reg. leather, 1 lizard skin, 1 hair-on cow (they are white of all things) from my past life as a western store manager in Texas. You need to understand that I am the least western person I know- so the entire idea of that job was a joke.

2. My suits. Blazers, skirts, pants. Probably 10 business suits. From my past life as a sales/store manager for Franklin Covey. I taught people how to become and stay organized. Seriously. I was good at it too, but people need to want to change their lives- and a lot of my clients were told by their companies to change their lives. I don't know how much of what I taught stuck.

3. My party clothes. These were from my past life as a amateur alcoholic. I never took it professional. We partied a lot- everywhere from the governors mansion in Tx to the Piney woods. If there was an adult beverage and some fun promised to me- I was there. So I have a lot of dresses , heavily embroidered dress pants, expensive shoes with 4 inch heels and the like.

As you all know, none of those 3 categories have anything to do with my current life of taking care of my son, doing my art, and shopping at flea markets and garage sales. I now dress for what I am doing- not who I might see. I wear shoes that don't kill my feet instead of the ones that make me a few inches taller and my calves look thinner. If I get dirt on my coat now it's ok- especially if that dirt came from a playground with my kid.

I think that setting some of those skeletons free would do a world of good. Open me up for new experiences- space to breathe, and room to grow.


zooza said...

Franklin Covey! What a great organisation to work for - I bet that was interesting. I also like your description of "amateur alcoholic" - I think I was one of them until I realised I just didn't have it in me to go the whole hog.

But the question is - what is going to happen to all these skeletons? Are you going to hang on to them in case Franklin Covey opens a bar in a ranch or get rid of them?

scb said...

Space to breathe and room to grow -- definitely a good thing to aim for!

lorijo said...

Franklin Covey was a wonderful company to work for. I would work for them again in a heartbeat but they aren't around where I live now.
As for what happens to my skeletons. I am keeping my cowboy boots. I don't know why, but I am. I am taking about half of my business suits to the womens shelter in the area. The other half I am going to keep.( I sent them some after last WT) As for the party clothes. I don't know. I should keep a few of the black dresses, but the long ones should probably be sent to live with someone else.

drwende said...

This was one of your wittiest posts, which kind of suggests that letting the old selves fly free will be good for you.

(Every now and again I consider buying cowboy boots, largely in the spirit of humor.)