The jewelry I wear- my staple pieces

These are the rings I wear most of all. Missing is my favorite ring, which is a silver ring with crosses on it made my some artist in Santa Fe, NM. All are silver except for my wedding ring set and the jade ring in the center.

These are the earrings I wear most of all . The upper box has my diamonds, raw peridots set in silver, and some large silver hoops (the last 2 I bought on trips out west). The bottom box has (clockwise from left top) red earrings were a Xmas present from a friend of mine, the cross earrings and stone earrings I bought on a trip out to the Grand Canyon, and the multi colored black earrings I bought in the market square in Santa Fe.

These the necklaces that I wear. Right to left- a large bead with Buddha necklace my Dad gave me, my silver byzantine chain I wear daily, necklace with amber and blue pendant on rawhide, a green stone necklace my husband gave me on our wedding day, and a stone an silver necklace I bought in Albuquerque NM on a trip.

These are the bracelets. From top left clockwise. Silver bracelet is from Texas, I bought that as a cheer up item. The middle silver cuff is from Scottsdale. I used to have matching ring and earring, but I don't know where those are anymore. The silver chain I got in New Orleans on a trip. The bead bracelets were given to me by a friend of mine (they are great in the summer) and the round silver pin was a gift from my parents 24 years ago. It is mother of pearl and has a dragon bird on it.


Alana in Canada said...

I have to say I love these pieces. Each one is unique and beautiful. They have presence, too. Just gorgeous.

drwende said...

Part of the fun of this week is getting to bond with all the pretty things that I shouldn't buy myself... such lovely silver!

You have a very clear and consistent style when it comes to jewelry.

lorijo said...

thank you.