Week 7- Wardrobe therapy leftovers (oh yea- and Mothers day too)

We don't do a big Mothers day here- I'm not a huge holiday person when it comes right down to and this is no exception. But I got a big present- I got a new bike! It's a really nice mountain bike and I actually got it out for a short 2 mile spin today- then it rained so that was over. But I actually got out and rode for the first time in about 10 years. There was a time when I lived in Phoenix that I rode all the time- to Target, to the grocery store, to work, just for fun. Yes, even when it was over 100 degrees. This time around I just hope I can get out everyday after my husband comes home from work for about 30 minutes. We live by a series of trails- what's called a linear park here- and there are literally hundreds of miles of trails to bike.

Wardrobe therapy has been a bit of a challenge for me this go round. What I do doesn't require me to look nice- actually- it works out better if I look kind of gross. Gardening, garage sale shopping, playing with the kid in the yard or at the playscape - these activities all require rather wash n wear outfits that you don't want to be too nice. For example- yesterday I went garage sale-ing (where I didn't find anything at all- and at one place I should have known just to turn around and drive away when I saw the TOILET in their front yard with flowers planted in it) , then into town to meet up with the Mr. at his mothers house so my son could play in her yard with her, then off to A&W rootbeer (for rootbeers of course) then back to my house so my husband and I - dressed in waders, hip boots, and a bandanna around my head that made me look like Axel Rose - could go down into the lower yard and muck out the natural spring area by the river that had backed up and become bracken and disgusting. These are not activities you worry about how you look doing. Knee deep in decomposing plant material and pond water I just worried about not falling on my face or getting stuck in the mud- not what I was wearing or how I looked at the time.

SO here is the short version of week 7 for me.
  • Party clothes ---no
  • Exercise -------no
  • Swimsuit------ yes
  • Uniforms------ no
  • Bridesmaid ----no
  • Luggage------ yes
  • Umbrellas ----yes

I don't have piles of these things. I own one bathing suit- a tankini- navy blue. It has a flowered skirt that goes with it to cover your bum, and I bought some swim shorts this year too. I may have an extra bikini bottom somewhere in the drawer.

Luggage- for the summer I use a tote bag and a very large duffel bag that my son picked out for me last year-they are brown with a very small skull and bones pattern on them. ( Pirates- he loves pirates) I love them and they are Jansport and really good quality and will probably look brand new until the day I give them away (because I become tired of the skulls).

Umbrellas- I own 2- a small animal print one in the car, and a larger black plaid one I keep in the house. Both work.

To replace-

I want to look for new athletic shorts and shirt for biking, a new bathing suit (but it's not necessary so only if I like it better than the one I have now which still looks and feels brand new), and maybe a new sports bra if I can find one in my size.

What I will do positively for my self- I will keep up with my skin care regimen- moisturizer, sunscreen etc... what I will stop doing- I am going to try to stop wearing just black and white t shirts this summer and wear some color near my face.

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Alana in Canada said...

Yes, break out of the black and white! Colour is good for you.