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I was going to do Erin's meme, but honestly, thought it was too much work. Plus, trying to guess where movie quotes come from is not a skill that I posses. But it got me thinking about movies and tv shows -what we like, and more importantly- why we like them.

I think that my list of movies (I hesitate to say favorites because I have too many "favorites to list) show many sides to my personality. I don't just like one genre of movies or tv, and I wonder why some people only like one type of movie. I think that if you only like romantic comedies you are missing out- just like you should eat different types of food or read both fiction and non fiction books- I think you can like romantic comedies AND sci fi movies.

I also pay no attention to movie "critics". To me, they are the worst type of scum. People who create nothing, produce nothing, but somehow think that their "impressions" of something are worth listening to. That doesn't mean people don't have a right to love, like or hate something. You do and you have every right to discuss those feelings out loud to other people. Just don't pretend you are an expert. An expert DOES. A critic WATCHES. Movie and art critics, sports commentators and political pundits all belong in a special circle in hell IMHO. People need to make up their own minds regarding art (or politics) based on their life experiences, needs and wants. As you will see, I give my opinions on the movies in my lists. But they are only my opinions and I don't expect anyone reading this to agree with me - ok? Like what you like.

Here is my list- I have given no links. These are in no particular order.

1. Gross Pointe Blank. Oh, I do love John Cusak. This movie especially. I love the idea of a "hired killer" who wants to quit, and wants to visit his "before" life by going to his High School class reunion. Reunions are hard enough without having to figure out how to dispose of a dead body. My favorite line in the movie as to be- "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?" The soundtrack was great too...

2. Kingdom of Heaven. Directors cut only (it's long but worth it- they butchered the hell out of this movie in the theatres- big chunks that are kind of important to the entire story line just went poof). As I have already discussed- I love Orlando Bloom. It is pretty even handed in it's treatment of those in the middle east during that time. It shows that the problems we have in the middle east are nothing new. My favorite quote- "Godfrey of Ibelin: You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be"

3. Gone With the Wind. I love the first 2/3 of the movie, but once Scarlett and Rhett get married I turn it off. There is nothing I don't love about this movie, at least in the begining.

4. Fight Club. I love the author of the book this was based on- Chuck Palahniuk. The theme is dark, different and strange. Brad Pitt (before he became the unfortunate Brangelina) and Edward Norton are excellent . It's not my favorite ending (the books is better ) but it all works. My favorite line is "sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken"

5. Identity. Another John Cusak film. I don't know if a lot of people saw this one actually- I think it kind of went to video. Nothing in this film is as it seems-it's a mystery movie and a horror movie and I'm kind of a sucker for those...

6. The Handmaids Tale. This movie is no where as good as the Margaret Atwood novel by the same name. But, if you can't find the book, then this will work. This has been described as a Taliban-like, super right wing, christian theocracy in the future US- where women have no rights at all. Fertile women are trained to be "handmaids" to those families in power- they are to have sex with the husband (with the wives holding their hands) and produce a child for them- just like in the bible. Women have no rights, no power. They are either reproductive machines (clad in nun like outfits in bright red) wives to those in power(dressed in bright blue), or household servants (if they are past child bearing age dressed in drag grey). Little girls are dressed in long white nightgown like dresses. Fornicators, gender traitors or those unable to have children are either killed outright or sent to the "colonies" to work and die. Of course, even in this future men have figured out how to have their cake and eat it too- in this case they have hookers! Strange and sad. The book gives more background info on how this all happened etc... but the movie is good too. Good, scary, sad. It's all those.

7. Brazil. A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state. Very 1984. This is Terry Gilliam at his best- although the happy ending the studio slapped on the end of this film is a tragedy and bears no resemblance to the film the director had in mind-the directors cut of this film is superior in all ways to the theatrical release and of course, it's the crappy version that makes it to tv every once in a while. Favorite line "let's talk about ducts!"

8. Seven. Brad Pitt when he was still worth watching. Dark and dreary. A surprise ending and the seven deadly sins! Favorite line- "c'mon, he's insane. Right now he's probably dancing around in his grandma's panties, rubbing himself in peanut butter"

9. Requiem for a dream. The film that most depresses me and makes sure I never turn to a life of drugs. Also, probably the best movie I have ever watched. Ellen Burstyn should have won an oscar instead of old Julia Roberts that year- but I guess boob shaking wins out over actual acting every time.

10. Star Wars 5- The empire strikes back. I was 14 and in love with Harrison Ford. Those things stick with you.......

11. From Dusk til Dawn. George Clooney. A great robbery/chase movie that somehow ends up a great vampire flick. A dance by Salma Hayak with a snake that will leave your man speechless. A soundtrack to beat all others. Did I mention George Clooney? Favorite line" I may be a bastard- but I'm not a fucking bastard"

Guilty pleasures.
Movies I know are awful deep in my heart, but I will drop what I am doing and sit and watch them when they are on tv.....

1. A Knights Tale. Listen, it's fun and that's all I have to say about it. I watched it on TV yesterday and it made me sad though- Heath should not be dead.

2. Reign of Fire. Christian Bale (whom I love) and Mathew McConaughey (whom I don't-but I have a funny story about him or two from my days in Austin) go after flying dragons in future London. Stupid and silly and I get sucked in everytime it's on. If you like a post-apocalypse movie (and I do) then it's a good movie.

3. Another Woman . Justine Batemen of all people.(!) A made for tv movie- usually on lifetime- based on a Harlequin romance novel. It's a sweet, simple movie and I like it. So there.

4 State and Main. A movie made in a small town about making a movie in a small town. David Mamet wrote and directed it. Sarah Jessica Parker and Alec Baldwin play the stars of the movie being made, and William H Macy is the director. The townies are all terrific. It's a better film than most and it's too bad it's not on tv more. Favorite line "Joseph Turner White: How do I do a film called "The Old Mill" when I don't have an old mill? Ann Black: Well, first you've got to change the title."

Not many things here.

Lost. I have 4 years invested in this show and someone better tell me something about this damned island soon!

CSI Las vegas only. I do love criminal shows, and this one is the best. Forensics is fascinating to me- along with detective work. Criminal Minds used to be on the list- but I don't like Joe Mantegna very much so it falls off my "must see" list.

Torchwood- British Sci fi on the BBC America. I love it.

2 1/2 men. Funniest thing on tv IMHO. I was never a big Charlie Sheen fan, but this changed my mind.

That's it. My movies and tv list.


Anne (in Reno) said...

Hey, Torchwood! I am a huge Captain Jack fan so I tried to Netflix Torchwood but the dvd was bad so I sent it back and the next one was bad too. You make me think I should give it a third try...

scb said...

Hmmm... I have hardly seen any of these movies. (As I said to Erin, I live under a rock, and don't get out much...)

I've posted a bunch of movie titles and one tv show, for what it's worth...

scb said...


"I have hardly seen..."

I split an infinitive there, and I'm not sure how to fix it. Fine English major I've turned out to be...

lorijo said...

Anne- I LOVE Torchwood. I just happened on it this season by accident and I am so glad I did ! Try the DVD again if you haven't seen all the eps-
SCB- I watch a lot of movies because of the weather up here and the fact I didn't watch reg. tv for a long time. In the winter I can sew or paint and watch a movie- I also like to clean to movies instead of music.

Alana in Canada said...

What's a split infinitive?

Never mind.

Lorijo--you too were voted "most inspirational" for the Cure.
Way to go girl!

Erin said...

This is a great reworking of the meme! I will have to go back and think about which movies I picked and what that might say about me (aside from that I love muppets). I love forensic crime shows too, and I am also a bit off of "Criminal Minds" at the moment. It's not that I don't like Joe Mantegna, its just that every time I hear him, I think of his Fat Tony character from "the Simpsons" and it kind of ruins the mood.