I went shopping on Wednesday- and I bought things!

I had to drive into the city on Wednesday for my 4 yr doctor appointment. ( I have just 2 more to go then I get to go every year just like normal people!) Since gas is 4.17 cents a gallon where I live (!) I decided to spend the entire day in the big city shopping. It's amazing (and sort of sad) what is out there to purchase- and what people will actually wear outside, in public. It boggles the mind.

I wanted to look for a dress for the infamous wedding coming up in a few weeks. I might as well tell you up front that I did not find anything- and I will not settle for "it'll do" anymore. The fit was off on most everything I tried (that happens with me a lot- I am different sized on the top and bottom, if I try to fit something for my boobs, I swim in the waist and hips- fit the bottom and I suddenly have a uni-boob spilling out from my chin) so dresses were out.

Separates, I thought. Separates. Off to search for separates. Like a religious chant I swept through stores in the mall. All the clothes were too dressy (it's an outside wedding) too informal (it's not at the beach though), too young ( because I am not anymore) too old ( I'm not that old either) too frilly, or foofy, or flouncy, or just plain too.

No luck on the wedding front. Then I decided to look for some new shirts. Colorful- or with a pattern. Now here I had some luck. Here is what I got

I love this color green! I tried it on just because of that- not expecting to like it- but I love it. The neckline is fantastic for me, it's slightly longer and a little flared. It looks great on me. Yea!

This one is brown and white- again the neckline is great and the fabric is tissue weight so it feels fantastic. This one came from Target- yes, Target. 12.99. I went in for countertop cleaner, but came out with a shirt! It looks really good with jeans and my slides.

I also bought a black t shirt that looks a lot like this brown one at target on sale for 3.24. (yes, 3.24) It too looks great, but being black doesn't photograph so well.

When I got home I went down to the basement to finish working on the clothes I am culling and putting in the yard sale. I have UNWORN clothes with tags in the sale. I have designer and semi designer stuff. And I priced it to sell-the most expensive thing I have down there is a 5 dollar Dana Buchman coat -that has never been worn :( I honestly just want this stuff gone. I hope this actually ends up helping someone else too- I feel sort of guilty hording clothes that I will never wear again- when they are still in style and in near perfect or perfect condition.

Where was I going with this? Oh yea- when I was grabbing even MORE clothing to price I found 2 of my favorite tunic tops that I had stored at the end of last season. The fact that I had lost 2 shirts bothered me- but I think Karma stepped in a rewarded me for purging so much stuff this week.


Alana in Canada said...

Would any of these fabulous tops work with a plain skirt and fancy shoes for the wedding? It's been a very long time since I attended a wedding, so I don't know.

I hope the garage sale helps you get rid of your stuff and that it all goes to happy homes.

drwende said...

I second Alana's question -- the tops are fabulous (apparently you do like some colors!).

lorijo said...

Alana- Good to have you back- I hope that you had a great vacation!

I never thought about these for the wedding. Yes, I think they would work with a plain skirt and shoes. HMMM... I must go think now- thanks-

Anne (in Reno) said...

I was thinking the exact same thing, at many of the weddings I have been to, with a nice enough pair of shoes and a good skirt you would fit right in and look lovely.

Also, I had to post this twice because my first verification had an umlaut and I don't know how to make those on my keyboard.

scb said...

I agree with all those suggestions about wearing one of the tops for the wedding. My favorite is the gorgeous gorgeous multi-colored tunic (2nd pic from the bottom).