A Meme? About little old me????

I got tagged by Wende who was doing a meme by whom? Erin? Well, I love these things so here we go-

10 years ago- what was I doing???
I was mmmm...32 years old. I lived in Houston Tx and I was District Training Manager for KB Toys. Big title- just meant that I trained managers and assistant managers. I hated that job. Hated it with a big, bright, purple passion. I was a store manager for them for years and I enjoyed that job- it was hard, but I liked it (and I was good at it so- plus for me there- I was number one in my district every year I was manager). I hated the promotion. I had 13 stores that I had to deal with (all of them crappy) and I hate, hate, hate Houston. It's damp, hot, and it smells. My jeep got moldy within a month. I worked out of the Galleria- and although it may be a nice place to shop- the building is old and it's hard to work in. Driving from store to store was horrid. Whenever there was a court case I had to go and testify against someone. I guess 10 years ago I wasn't that happy.

5 Non work things on my to do list.
Since I don't "work" I guess everything is sort of fair game.
1. Trim about 20 limbs (big ones) off some of my pine trees in my "forest"
2. finish the garage sale pricing
3. clean the fridge and pantry
4. keep trying to teach the boy to read
5. clean my car (inside)

Snacks I enjoy-
Popcorn. I love buttery salty popcorn. And glazed walnuts. Dark chocolate is good too-

Things I would do if were a billionaire.
I would want to endow my University with a few scholarships. I want to fix the library in my hometown- the second floor can't be used anymore because it might collapse. I also would buy a large tract of land in the Upper Peninsula on one of the big lakes and build a cabin with an off -the- grid power source. (no, I am not a conspiracy nut- it's just there isn't a great deal of stuff in the U.P. and I think being self sufficient would be a good thing)

Places I have lived
Michigan, Austin Tx, Phoenix Az, Austin Tx(again), Plugerville Tx, Houston Tx. I spent some time in Juneau Alaska too....

Jobs I have held.
Restaurant Manager (at 17), Hotel Front Desk manager/ Reservations Manager, Support Service (computers) for Radisson Hotels worldwide, Tennis Club and Gym Manager, Western store mens manager, Toy store manager and district training manager, Manager for Franklin Covey, Manager for Eddie Bauer. I guess I have bossed enough people around for now.....

There you go- Tag! You're it!


Alana in Canada said...

Wow, you really did boss some folks about!

How are you teaching the urchin to read? When you've finished tagging all your sale goodies, I'd love to know. My kids were much older whn I started.

lorijo said...

yes, I am teaching him to read. He knows his letters (mostly) and is good with phonics. He has just started wanting to "read" the newspaper etc....