What happens when you leave an almost 4 year old alone for 15 minutes.

My husband is a good man. This morning I had a migrane and so he called in to work and told them he would be an hour or so late so that I could get some more sleep. ( I had been awake until after 3am). He stayed with the boy for about an hour or so- watching cartoons and eating breakfast- then he took a shower. He left the boy alone for 10 to 15 minutes. I woke up to screaming.

I wish I had pictures, but that was not my first thought. My son had pulled a large plastic cup (the kind from ,like, 7-11) and filled it up many, many times with water, and then dumped them all on the kitchen floor. There were gallons of standing water on the kitchen and dining room floor areas. The water had gone down the front of the sink and into the sink cabinet, flooding out the bottom of that. The water went under the fridge and stove. We used 10 large bathsheets and then had to move on to hand towels to mop it all up. I have never seen that much damage in 10 minutes before in my life. My son was hiding behind a chair in the living room. Of course, we found him and he sat in the "naughty chair" for a very long time.

We didn't loose anything other than a roll of paper towels and a small box of those swiffer duster things. I think everything will end up just fine. My floors are very, very clean- even under the fridge and stove now. And I think that my husband has seen the terror that I live with each and everyday. 3, almost 4, year old boys are never, ever to be trusted. Especially around water.


drwende said...

Oh. My. Word.

Yes, that must have been an eye-opener for your husband.

Glad to hear nothing serious was damaged.

Alana in Canada said...

Wow. In spite of the mess, it was a relatively inexpensive eye-opener for your husband. Next time you say you want to take a shower, he will understand why you haven't!