I was tagged- 7 things you don't know about me

  1. I went to a Lutheran church school growing up.

  2. I was briefly a hair-model when I lived in Phoenix. My profile picture on Flickr is one of my headshots

  3. The 2 favorite cars that I have owned have been my 72 VW beetle- it was orange- and my 2001 Jeep Wrangler (soft-top). It was also orange.

  4. I am lactose intolerant -and my favorite foods in no particular order are nachos, enchiladas, lasagna, pizza and cheese

  5. I believe in ghosts (we lived in a haunted house growing up)and aliens ( I have seen a ufo and no I wasn't drunk) . I also believe in God. I don't think they are incompatible beliefs

  6. I am bossy and headstrong. It makes me a great manager but not so great a person

  7. I am afraid to fly. Really, horribly afraid to fly. I am afraid of airports almost. I used to fly all the time, all over the country. But after a few issues (turbulance, being left at the gate in strange cities etc. and, oh yes, 9-11) things went downhill, and now I simply can't. I know I will have a heart attack, or start to act funny and then get tasered by airport security (or worse).


drwende said...

Were you in Arizona when you saw the UFO? I firmly believe -- and I'm not speaking tongue-in-cheek, this is for real -- that aliens like Arizona. (And the Phoenix Lights weren't flares from anything from Luke.)

lorijo said...

I sure was. I was driving back from California ( I 8 to 85 to I 10) and it was around Gila Bend that I picked up a strange light to my left that followed me till I got onto 10. It went between me and the mountain/hills to my left for at least 45 minutes. It would go fast then slow, get closer to me than move away, it went up and down- it looked like it was playing- and when I got to 10 (where there were lights) it suddenly went up at a high rate of speed. It scared the hell out of me.