piles of purses from a self described purse snob

Winter is over. I am officially declare it to be so. I have washed the winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves and put them away. So to, the brown, black and burgundy purses that make up my winter palette must be banished. It's time for blue and pink, for white and yellow. It's time for spring.

the winter purses to be stored away.

I haven't done much with AT cure this week. My bathrooms are fine. I re did them both last year. Actually this summer the main bath will be gutted. New cabinet, lights and flooring (which we already have) maybe even a new toilet. So, to do anything now would be a waste of time, and who can waste time indoors when the weather is so fabulous outside?

It's in the high 60's, sunny and wonderful outside. The bulbs are coming up and the birds are out in force. I even saw a butterfly! My boy and I have been outside for 6 to 8 hours a day the last few days- raking, walking, wandering by the river. We have been talking to the neighbors that we have only been waving at during blizzards! This is my favorite time of year and what I missed the most living in Texas and Arizona. There we just went from warm to hotter than hell, or from wet to hotter than hell. Not so much spring in those necks of the woods, at least, not like here.
How I store my off season purses - 5 canvas boxes.

These are my summer purses- soft sided, some are like tote bags, all are for garage sales, running to the grocery, and the the like. The one on the bottom left with the red designs is the one I like the most- from Gap a few years back. I used it for a diaper bag for a while and now it's an all purpose bag. I love it.
These are my more "dressy" summer purses. There are to many to list individually. I really like the blue one on the bottom right along with the hot pink one under it. There there are the fabulous orange and green patent leather ones in the back. As you can see, my summer colors are much lighter, whites, oranges, pinks, blues. The black and white wicker box purse in the middle is a vintage piece that cost me a quarter and it's great. I carry that a lot. Oops- I forgot 2 I love- the large leather tote is a great shopping bag, and the smaller yellow purse is so versatile.

These are the bags I am going to get rid of . There are 5, although I only see 4 in this picture. They are all nice bags, but I haven't used them for a year so go they must. There is a small box purse from Saks not shown, then the Lamarthe grey bag, a black purse with leather woven handles from Banana Republic, a brown satin Kate Spade backpack (hello- it's the 90's they want their bag back) and an orange XOXO suede hobo style that is kinda dirty.

This is how they are stored. The bags out of season are in the canvas bags at the bottom of my closet, the ones in season are stored on the top shelf. There are 2 larger ones on a hook on the inside of my closet door also. I like to keep them out so it's easier to change out from look to look.

That's it. I know I have a lot of bags, but I only have as many as I can store. Really. I change my purse out a lot- 2 or 3 times a week depending on what I am doing. I love colored bags in the summer. I don't wear much color in my clothes, and this I think gives me the lift that I need in my summer outfits. Do my purse choices say anything about me? I don't know. I guess they must.

I am kind of a purse snob, I have to admit. Purses don't have to be designer or expensive, but they must be nice. They must be clean. They must be appropriate to the occasion and or outfit the person is wearing. It is just so sad to see a woman who is dressed rather well carrying a decrepit ,dirty, cheap purse that had it's last good day years ago. You know how they say good shoes makes your entire outfit look better? The same is true with bags. But again- good bags don't have to be expensive or designer or even leather, I can't emphasise that enough. There is a difference between inexpensive and cheap- know the difference !


J-fer Rose said...

That is an impressive amount of purses. I'm also a purse snob, but on the other end of the spectrum. I just never see purses that I like. I can go to 10 stores and look at every purse and not see a single one I like. I don't even like the ones I do have.

lorijo said...

Until I was 25 I never even had a purse. Never. Then I saw a woman carrying one that I thought was fantastic. I hunted it down and then started looking at purses for what they were. They are accessories that carry all of our junk around. They must be useful and comforatable, and they must do a job.