If it's an update you want.....

Spring has finally sprung (sorry Alana) and I don't want to work indoors anymore. And, I haven't really. Sunny, in the 70's- this weather is not clean- your- bedroom weather. At least, not to me after the winter we had here.
We worked outside this weekend and then I shopped this week. Today I need to get my behind in gear and do some general cleaning and laundry- but not until I check the weather forecast. If tomorrow looks like it could rain- than we are going to the beach today and will clean tomorrow.

Here is what we did this weekend until now. (I say we, because my Mr. was quite a lot of help this time around)

You saw the outbox on my Flickr site, but here it is again. We moved all the garage sale boxes over into their own section of the basement. (yes, that's lovely 70's paneling down there- that is another story for another day) and I cleaned out the storage room (or the pump room as I also call it) I went through all of my stored boxes looking for junk to get rid of. I emptied out 4 tubs of storage items into the garage sale pile. There is still alot of stuff I am either unwilling or unable to get rid of , but every year that pile gets smaller.

I have a lot of stuff to store. Boxes of memorabilia from my childhood, about 8 Rubbermaid tubs of Christmas stuff, 3 tubs of Barbie Dolls ( I used to collect them- at one time I had 10 tubs of them- all still in their boxes and perfect. I sold most of them on Ebay) and many, many tubs of books my Mr. has collected. But, back to the sale pile. There is about 30+ boxes of crap in that pile, and that's not counting the furniture, the toys and other stuff- strollers (2), picnic table, big toys, ride on's etc.... . Out in the garage are another 15 or 20 boxes of garage sale stuff out there. Then there is the clothing rolling rack. I have a large commercial rolling rack FULL and overflowing of clothes that I have decided to get rid of. After 2 Wardrobe Therapies, I have decided to let other people have these items. They are great and in fabulous condition and it's a shame they are in my basement not being used. With the economy the way it is- these will be a great deal for someone.
My Mr. cleaned out our garage this weekend. I put out all of the garden stuff. Planters, art, hanging stuff....

The white thing on the ground is a baby gate. I use it to keep the dog on the porch. As you can see, it's finally getting green.

I raked. And raked. Then I raked some more. Truckloads of leaves and pine needles. The Village came and took them all away (Yea!)

I planted stuff. I planted 3 small pines last week, and this weekend I planted 2 small shrubs, 3 mounds of decorative grasses (the kind that get 7-8 ft tall) and bulbs. Lots of bulbs.

I put out all of our summer clothes, purses, etc.. and stored away all the winter crap.

I turned off our furnace and capped off the exhaust pipes. No more heat until next winter.

I went shopping for-
  • new planter boxes (since the old ones fell off the porch)
  • birthday presents for the boy- who will be 4 ( I can't believe it) on Sunday

I bought 2 new large rugs at Lowes on clearance for 10.99 each (down from 148.00 each) one will be used in the basement tv area, the other is at my Mothers house. She wanted to see if it would work in her dining room.

I put together our stuff for the first antique show (this Sunday) that my Mr. is helping my parents with. (since my Dad had his heart thing, we thought it would be a good idea to send a 3rd pair of hands to help with the canopy and set up- and it wasn't going to be me.)

I worked on the 6 dolls I am currently in the process of finishing. These are taking a long time and I don't know why. Maybe because I was watching "Torchwood" and "Dr . Who" more than I was sewing and beading?

I spent some time thinking about what my "style" was, what things (art, fabrics, music, smells, books etc) I liked and if they had anything to do with my style. I think that they do, but that's for another post.

I had the MIL over for dinner ( it was the second anniv. of her husbands- my Mr.'s Dad's- death) I made a ham, biscuits and asparagus and roasted carrots. Things went well, and I think she is doing great now. She has a new life and seems quite happy.

My last thought for this post-

I can't believe that gas is 3.69 a gallon here. I am thankful I no longer have a gas guzzler and/or work 140 miles away from my home (round trip)


Alana in Canada said...

I need you to tell me what to plant. Our frost free date is May 22 or so--Queen Victoria's B'day and celebrated as "The May Long Weekend." I'll post pics of the backyard when the snow is gone--I'm so jealous of that gorgeous deck! You got a lot done and, more importantly, made some decisions about your stuff. Good for you!

lorijo said...

not a problem, I can try to help. I bet May 22 can't come soon enough for you.... we may get snow on Monday (or a rain/snow mix) ICK

Alana in Canada said...


It was warm and sunny today--and the backyard was covered with about 2 feet of snow--tonight, at supper time, we have a patchwork of snow and grass--and it's green! It'll go quickly.